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									                    Kindergarten News
                                       Rock Valley
Letter of the Week                     Christian School

Our story this      made a horse
                                       December 11,
week was called     with clothespins
Maxi the Hero. We   for legs and we    2009
talked about        decorated hats     Next Week
cause and effect    which Mrs. Van-
                                       Show and Tell:
concerning some     DenTop hid
of the events in    throughout the     A sign of Christmas
the story. We       room!
also talked about                      Snack Helper:
using a capital     Next Week: We      Moriah
letter at the be-   will finish H on
ginning of a sen-   Monday, then
tence and a pe-     we’ll start let-   Memory Verse:
riod at the end.    ter Gg.            “And she gave
                                       birth to her first-
We studied letter                      born, a son. She
Hh this week. We                       wrapped him in
                                       cloths and placed
                                       him in a manger,
                                       because there
Math                                   was no room for
                                       them in the inn.”
We finished work-                      Luke2:7
ing on numbers
to 10 and we did
some graphing.
Next week :
Numbers to 16
Rock Valley Christian

    UNIT                      BIBLE
    This week we made a
    Christmas Tree Mouse      We continued our Christmas unit with
    and an ice cream cone     the story of Mary and Joseph’s trip to
    ornament.                 Bethlehem where Jesus was born and the
                              shepherds who visited them in the sta-
                              ble. We also put 2 candles on the advent

• Each student will need a shoebox for an activity
  next week. Please send one in if you haven’t al-
• We plan to exchange gifts at our classroom
  Christmas party. Girls should buy a gift for a
  girl and boys should buy a gift for a boy. Please
  send your wrapped gift (gifts should cost $2-$3)
  to school marked “boy” or “girl.”
• Please be sure to send in a donation for the
  Christmas Project.
• We need to wear Signs of Faith t-shirts next Fri-
  day for a sing-a-long.

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