From Stress to Strength with Siberian Ginseng by maximpiano


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									             From Stress to Strength with Siberian Ginseng
Ginseng is a plant that has been traditionally used as a muscle relaxant,
(substances that supposedly strengthen the body and increase general
resistance to daily stress) and stimulant. Many of us familiar with American
ginseng but have not heard or tried Siberian ginseng?

A native of eastern countries, the Siberian ginseng has been used for centuries
in Chinese medicine for respiratory infections, colds, flu and also its
adaptogenic properties. The Russians Olympic athletes use it as performance
enhancer. It is called the Siberian ginseng as many in the cold, harsh areas of
Siberian use this herb to adapt to the stressful cold conditions.

Although it is called a ginseng, it is different from American and Asian ginseng
in that it has different active chemical component. The active constituents in
Siberian ginseng roots are known as eleutherosides. These ingredients are
thought to stimulate the immune system and are responsible for its health

Siberian ginseng is also used to maintain or restore mental alertness besides
helping to organize thoughts and make learning a new subject easier. A three-
month study on Siberian ginseng supplement found that those who took the
supplement had better memory and could concentrate better as compare to
those who took a placebo.

Studies have shown that the eleutherosides contained in Siberian ginseng
bring you adrenal glands back into balance and helps them work more
efficiently. It also aids in the secretion of stress hormones from these glands
thereby boosting the body’s stamina and enabling it to have strength.

Siberian ginseng is cheaper than any other ginseng types, which include
capsules which offer convenience to consumers wishing to combat a stressful
day with some extra strength. A capsule from also ensures that only a
standardize amount of herb is used and play a role in safety and efficacy of the
product for consumers.
Another study looked at the effects of Siberian ginseng on the immune system
and findings showed that those who took extracts of Siberian ginseng reported
a number of improvements. Those suffering from a cold or flu have reported
benefiting from the herb.

Siberian ginseng can be consumed by those whose work encompasses long
hours of hard, physical and mental tasks (eg. Stressful executives, factory
workers, athletes and people who travel frequently). It is also suitable for
college students who are busy preparing for exams and those who find it hard
to concentrate on their work. Even its just a cold, pop in a Siberian ginseng
supplement and feel its wonder work for you.

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