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Our skin is the largest organ of our body and the best way to care for it is to fully understand how it
works and to nourish it for a healthy glow.Many people seem to think that using the best skincare
products is sufficient to keep their skin and complexion smooth, rosy and healthy. Well, that's not

While skincare products are good to clean, protect and outwardly nourish your skin, it is not
sufficient. What it does is for the surface of the skin only and it will not do much to give you that
healthy, rosy glow. In fact, if you use the wrong type of skincare products, it could possibly trigger
a breakout and make your acne condition worse.

So, when selecting the range of skincare products from cleansers to toners to moisturizers and
lotions, it is always best to choose the ones that suit your skin. Do not ever go for brand names
only because a certain brand may be expensive and touted to be the best but it may not suit your
skin at all. Always try out small sample sizes of any skincare products, especially ones you have
not used before, before you actually start using it in earnest. This is because some products, be it
a reputable brand or an unknown one, could worsen your acne condition or worse, bring on a
break out.

It is also wise to select products that are non-comedogenic and non-allergenic to reduce the
possibility of it irritating your skin further. Also choose the types that are meant for your skin type
so if you have dry skin, go for ones meant for dry skin and so on.

Other than skincare products, the one big secret to great, glowing and smooth skin is food. Yes,
what you eat will greatly reflect on your skin. Do load up on loads of vegetables and fruits as these
are known to be full of vitamins and anti-oxidants which are great skin food. Foods rich in anti-
oxidants tend to fight off free radicals that could damage your cells including your skin. Eating
healthy fruits and vegetables is a highly effective way to nourish your skin from within and bring
out the healthy, rosy glow. Not only that, it also help your skin to repair faster and thus, reduces
acne scars while working to prevent outbreaks.

Also, avoid bad habits and bad food groups that could worsen your skin condition. Smoking will
cause your skin to age faster. Foods that will reflect on your skin includes high fat, high sugar and
deep fried food that will clog up your system and end up making you look sallow and unhealthy.

Finally, do indulge in a healthy lifestyle of adding some sort of exercise to your daily routine as
sweating out is proven to flush out toxins and clear up your system which will indirectly clear up
your complexion. So, the real secret to clearing your acne-prone skin and having a smooth
complexion is to eat right, exercise and use the right products.
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