hack shutdown someone by caparic420


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									Step 1: Before going to start clear all history, all cookies, stop all
downloading and close all extra tabs. Mean to say stop all internet
activities. Now go to your messanger and start chating with the victim.

Step 2: Go the start and click on run.

Step 3: In run command type cmd.exe and hit enter.

Step 4: A black screen will appear. This is command prompt. In this box
type "netstat -n" (without quotes).

Step 5: Now if you done the step one correctly you see only one ip
address many times (ip should be of victim).

Step 6: Now again, type "shutdown -i"(without quotes).A box will appear
now click on add button.A small box will pop up. Now type ip address of
computer which you get from "netstat -n" command.

Step 7: Now there are three options click on shutdown.

Step 8: To show a message to victim's computer check the "warm users of
the action" and set the number of seconds.

Step 9: Now select any option in shutdown event tracker.

Step 10: Now comes the best part of the prank. In last type your message
like you got hacked and we destroy your computer. After this shutdown
your computer is not going to start(type anything that scare your
victim). Now click on ok and you are done. Have fun guys and must leave
comment below

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