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Increasing Traffic With Article Marketing Through Article Directories (DOC)


Increasing Traffic With Article Marketing Through Article Directories

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									Increasing Traffic With Article Marketing Through Article

Writing hundreds of articles in your related niche and making
them available for distribution through article directories and
ezines is one of the best strategies for increasing targeted
traffic to your website. Considering getting your articles
published online is free, article marketing is also most cost-
effective strategy for increasing targeted traffic to your

Here's how article marketing through article directories and
ezines drives traffic to your website:

* When your key-word rich article is published by established
ezines that are highly ranked by major search engines, your
article could very well zoom up to the top ten results for that
keyword search. This is something you could hardly hope to
achieve on your own. Anyone who clicks on to the link and
reads your article will also click on the link to your website,
which can be accessed from the author’s box that is
featured at the end of the article. An added benefit of getting
traffic using this method is that the traffic is likely to be highly
targeted traffic, which is the only kind that matters in the end.
Whoever arrives at your site via this route has clicked on the
link to your article and read your article. Because they are
impressed with what they read, they would have immediately
acknowledged your proficiency in the area and have now come
to your site looking for the more information from you.

* Writing a valuable and informative niche-related articles and
publishing them with reputed ezines establishes you as an
authority in the field. This recognition can give you the
competitive edge against other businesses in the same niche as
customers prefer to buy from someone who knows what they
are talking about. An unexpected bonus- taking the time and
trouble to write articles and get them published through ezines
and article directories indicates that you are not some scam-
artist or fly-by-night marketer out to make a few quick bucks on
the internet. Publishing articles regularly with ezines and article
directories gives you and your business extra credibility and
also helps you build a rapport with your prospective clients.
People who buy on the internet and who are looking for the
product you are offering, would prefer to buy from you rather
than somebody they cannot trust.
* Submitting your articles to the right article directories helps
you to build up valuable back links by having these article
directories link to your optimized web pages by way of your
article. Obtaining several relevant back links helps you enhance
your search engine rankings, pushing your web page to the top
10 rankings for your optimized keywords. While this may not
happen overnight, it’s a sure fire way of eventually getting
your web page right where it can be seen to all those who

* Some ezine publishers even archive their ezine on their site.
This offers potential customers the chance to check out back
issues before they make a commitment to subscribe. Getting
your article archived means it can be viewed over and over
again several years down the line, increasing your exposure
tremendously and driving traffic to your site several years after
the article was first published. <

* Another way to increase traffic to your website is by allowing
ezine publishers to include your articles in their free Ebooks.
This increases the exposure of your article even more and
anyone interested in visiting your website can easily do so by
clicking in the link contained in your resource box.

* Some ezine publishers allow their visitors to republish articles
that are featured in the free content directory on their website,
the only caveat being that the author resource box that
accompanies every article is featured along with the article.
There’s no saying where your articles are likely to end up
and who will be reading them! Your article could pique the
interest of somebody who had till that moment not the
slightest inclination to buy whatever it is you are offering. And
if the quality of your product matches the high quality of your
article you will have converted yet another curious visitor into a
loyal customer.

If you've been hesitating to submit your articles to ezines on
the premise that you would like to get paid for articles that you
write and publish, then it’s time you woke up to the
extended benefits of article marketing through ezines and
article directories. It drives traffic that too, not any old traffic
but quality, targeted traffic stampeding to your site without
costing you a dime. Think of all the money you would have
spent to attract the same volume of potential customers by any
of the more conventional forms of advertising.
Here are a few factors that will help you choose the right article
directory to submit your article to:
* Look for article directories that have been in business for
more than a year. Article directories that have been in
existence longer would rank higher with the major search
engines and would also have a larger reader base.
* Article directories that feature less than 1,000 authors have
not hit the big time yet and are best avoided. Look for article
directories that have over one to five thousand authors.
* Ideally, a good article directory should be powered by
humans and should have the name of the owner or the person
in charge clearly visible. Absence of either one of these factors
indicates that the owner does not want to be held accountable
and that the site is fully automated, which means there is
nobody policing the quality of the content. Better to avoid
being associated with such a site.
* If your e-mails go unanswered for more than 48 hours it
speaks of dismal lack of service and is an indication of worse to
come after you join up.
Getting your article published in a few carefully selected article
directories and ezines will guarantee better exposure of high
quality rather than getting your article published in several sub-
standard article directories.

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