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									Best Digital Cameras With Unique Features
Electronic equipment has developed at an alarming pace over the last few decades with
everything becoming faster and smaller. Portable handheld electronics have seen major
improvements with mobile phones, portable gaming devices and digital cameras all improving
on what they are capable of. Mobile phones have developed far beyond their initial purpose with
the smartphones of today incorporating GPS, Internet, camera and social media applications.
Handheld gaming devices have also come a long way since the black and yellow display of the
Nintendo Game Boy. Touch screen, Internet access and even glasses free 3D are all featured on
the devices that are available right now. Even the simple digital camera is still seeing
improvements. Whilst constant improvements to image resolution are common place with all
manufacturers, digital camera companies have had to look at other ways of developing new
improvements to make their cameras stand out in a crowded market.
The Canon IXUS 115 HS 12.1 mega pixel camera might look like any other ordinary digital
camera but this camera performs an extra little trick with each photo you take. Every time the
shutter button is pressed and an image captured, a 4 second mini clip before each photo is also
taken. This feature is known as 'Movie Digest' and means that you will have a movie relating to
each photo you take so that you have a reminder of what led up to each particular photo. Whilst
not a ground-breaking feature, it's an additional little bonus that could provide plenty of little
memories to watch in future years.
Some of the best advancements are often simple solutions to common problems. The Samsung
PL9 has a built in USB connector in the camera and negates the need for any additional wires so
that you can simply plug the camera straight into the computer without searching for the
necessary cable. This extra feature is not only handy for people that have a tendency to misplace
cables but it also allows people to upload photos to a computer and therefore the Internet no
matter where they are. So if you have taken a great photo whilst on the beach in Greece, you can
head back to the hotel, plug the camera straight into a computer and upload the photo to
Facebook for your family and friends back home to see.
Are you and your partner always taking pictures of yourselves whilst out and about? If so then
the Samsung ST700 camera would come in very useful as not only does it have the usual screen
on the back but also a 1.8inch screen on the front. This means you will be able to see the screen
as normal when taking photos but when you turn the camera on yourself, you will still be able to
see what you're taking a picture of. There will no longer be a need for multiple attempts at taking
a well framed photo as you can see yourself perfectly on the front facing screen when you press
the shutter.
The advert bills this camera as being "for outdoor excitement" so to meet this moniker the
Panasonic Lumix FT3 needs to be resistant to the outdoor elements and it does just that with it
being water, shock and dust proof. The case of the camera is made of a rubber padding and also
features reinforced glass and an airtight casing so intrepid cameramen can take photos in
dangerous conditions and underwater without the worry of damaging the camera. Another great
feature for travellers is the integrated GPS which gives the name of the location you are in and
also information on over a million landmarks. This is a great camera for all adventurers,
explorers and travellers.
Once again it's another Samsung camera on this list with this one taking the idea of being able to
take photos from different perspectives developed with the ST700 a step further with this; the
Samsung MV800. The touchscreen is actually a flip out display which allows you to view and
capture photos from a range of angles. Can't see over the person in front of you to take a picture
at a performance? Then just tilt the camera to 90 degrees and you will be able to see above the
heads of those in front. How about taking a low down photo of your son or daughter crawling
along the floor? Just spin the screen the other way and you can take the snap without having to
lay down on the floor yourself. Since the screen can also rotate all the way round you will also
still be able to take some great self portrait photos. The MV800 is a great way to capture life
from all angles.
One of best digital cameras that features its own unique feature is the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D
W3. This camera has the ability to capture real 3D images and video using its twin lenses and
CDD sensors. The two lenses recreate the way our eyes see things, so an image is captured from
each lens and then combined together to create the 3D image. The best thing is this can then be
viewed on the camera screen without the need to wear any special glasses. 3D effects are
everywhere now with the latest cinema blockbusters released in 3D and home TV systems
capable of recreating the 3D images produced by Blu-ray, TV services and video game consoles.
This camera is a great way to join the 3D fun and create your very own 3D images. You can even
get your images printed on special lenticular sheets of paper which recreate the 3D effect in your
photo album.
From Canon motors capturing mini-movie clips as you take a photo with the latest Canon digital
camera to Samsung changing the angle at which we can take pictures, there are many different
and unique features that manufacturers are implementing into digital cameras to create a bespoke
feature for their models.

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