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									Americans for the Arts has recently sent a request to BigHollywood to retract the statement that they were a participant in the August 10 th National Endowment for the Arts conference call. During the conference call in question, it was suggested by a participant that the moderator, Michael Skolnik, send a contact list for all those that were on the call. We were requested by Skolnik to send a short bio for inclusion in the contact list. Two days later, on August 12 th, Skolnik sent the following email to the group. In the email he states “please find attached a contact list for those who were on the call.” [jpg of email] In the attachment was a full list of those that participated on the conference call. Included in the list was Kerry Washington. Her bio reads: actress/arts activist. She sits on the board of The Creative Coalition and Americans for The Arts (arts and arts education advocacy organizations) and serves on the board of two organizations committed to the use of theater arts for social change: V-day and The People Speak.

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