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           Carrium: 036                          these days), and purge them as gold
                                                 and silver, that they may offer unto
      Behold, this Word is set for the
                                                       the LORD an offering in
 fall and rising again of many who
                                                        righteousness." Amen!
are called Christians; and for a sign
which shall be spoken against; (yes,             Jesus Christ is the Covenant: and,
 a sword shall pierce through your                  I am His messenger! Amen!
own soul also,) that the thoughts of              Thus Saith The Lord God, "Peace
many hearts may be revealed. The                 Be Unto You! This Is The Word Of
   Lord will judge your thoughts                               God!"
 according to His Sayings, to show
  you if you are in line with Him!                     1st Peter 4:17: "For the time is
                Amen!                             come that judgment must begin at
                                                  the house of God (with those who
      And now, say, "Judge me, O                 are called Christians): and if it first
             Lord!"                              begin at us, what shall the end be of
      Malachi 3:1-3: "Behold, I will               them that obey not the gospel of
  send My messenger, and he shall                 God?" This Judgment starts with
prepare the way before Me: and the                  those who are called preachers,
Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly                            first! Amen!
    come to His temple! Even the                   "Remember What The Truth
  messenger of the Covenant (Jesus                Said He Would Do! And Now
Christ), whom ye delight in: behold,              Shall The People Begin To Fall
  he shall come, saith the LORD of                  To The North; Or, To The
 hosts. But, who may abide the day                           South!"
of his coming? And who shall stand
  when he appears? For he is like a                     Thus saith the Angel of the
 refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap:          Lord, "This Report is for all of the
   and he shall sit as a refiner and              inhabitants of this land, from The
purifier of silver: and he shall purify          Lord your God, Jesus Christ! At the
  the sons of Levi (the preachers in               reading of this Report, either the

     spirit of Josiah, or the spirit of           highest point in that which you
 Jehoiakim will be revealed in you!                started out to achieve! Amen!
Becoming bitter against this Report,
                                                        Thus saith the Angel of the
       will put you in a spirit like
                                                   Lord, "There is a danger in the
   Jehoiakim. But, recognizing the
                                                  midst of the people, of not taking
  Truth, and seeking to set things in
                                                  things seriously, which the Lord
     order, will make you to be like
                                                  God has sent forth! There is too
Josiah. The accounts and actions of
                                                   much playing around with that
 these two men can be found in 2nd
                                                 which is intended for your life, and
 Chronicles 34:14-28 and Jeremiah
                                                for the lives of the people! Many of
  36:20-32. This is the Day of The
                                                you are not eating as you should be;
Lord! This is the Day that the Lord
                                                 and, some of you have fallen back
has contacted you! Harden not your
                                                into a sleep, after eating only a little
   heart against any Report coming
                                                bit of that which God has sent forth!
  unto you from the Lord your God,
                                                 This is your awakening! You will
    as king Jehoiakim did!" Amen!
                                                be awakened a second time, if need
        (1st Kings 19:5-8) "And, as he          be! If you fall asleep the third time,
      (Elijah) lay and slept under a                 the Word will pronounce a
 juniper tree, behold, then an Angel              Judgment upon you that will say,
   touched him, and said unto him,              "Sleep on, now!" You will be sealed
Arise and eat. And, he looked, and,                   in that condition!" Amen!
  behold, there was a cake baked on
  the coals, and a jar of water at his
                                                 (Wednesday: The 4th Day Of The
head. And, he did eat and drink, and
laid down again. And, the Angel of
                                                      (From Beaumont, Texas)
    the Lord came again the second
   time, and touched him, and said,              "A Good Man Will Bring Forth
 Arise and eat; because the journey             Out of His Good Treasures, Some
 is too great for you. And, he arose,                Old, and Some New!"
  and did eat and drink, and went in                  Will God give you energy so
 the strength of that meat forty days             that you can do whatsoever you
   and forty nights unto Horeb, the              want to do? No! The energy that
         mount of God!" Amen!                      God gives is to be used for His
      "Horeb, the mount of God" is                Purpose. He supports only His
  translated to mean reaching the                            Purposes!

  "God Is Comparing Everyone                   reason for remaining short of that
       With His Word!"                         Glory: for you are commanded to
    (Compare Your Ways And                       grow up into the fullness and
      Thoughts With His!)                     likeness of the Son of God! If you
                                                obey, you shall be blessed of the
      Thus saith the Lord God, "For
                                              Lord: and, you shall eat the good of
 as the Heavens are higher than the
                                               the Land. But, if you refuse, and
 earth, so are My Ways higher than
                                               rebel, you shall be destroyed with
your ways; and, My Thoughts than
                                              the sword! The Mouth of the Lord
    your thoughts. For as the rain
                                                     has spoken it." Amen!
  comes down, and the snow from
  Above, and does not return there;                 My Lord, and my God, be it
 but, waters the earth, and makes it           done unto me even as Your Word
bring forth and bud, that it may give            has said, I pray You! Amen!
 seed to the sower, and bread to the
                                                     1st Samuel 17:46: "This day
   eater: so shall My Word be that
                                              will the LORD deliver you into my
goes forth out of My Mouth: It shall
                                              hand; and I will smite you, and take
   not return unto Me void; but, It
                                              your head from you; and I will give
    shall accomplish that which I
                                                the carcasses of the host of the
 please; and, It shall prosper in the
                                              Philistines, this day, unto the fowls
   thing whereto I sent It!" (Isaiah
                                              of the air, and to the wild beasts of
           55:9-11) Amen!
                                                the earth; that all the earth may
        Thus saith the Messenger              know that there is a God in Israel."
     Angel, "Now, comes the                                   Amen!
 comparison! The Lord God will                             12-24-1999
show you yourselves; and, He will
 show you the Lord Jesus Christ,                    "Let There Be Light!"
Who is the Word of God! God the                  "What Caused The Holes In
Father approves of the Lord Jesus                   America's Armor?"
Christ! The Lord Jesus is All of the
                                                     Thus saith the Angel of the
Thoughts and Ways of God! Now,
                                              Lord, "America appeared to be an
  compare yourselves with Him
                                              impenetrable fortress: but, the sins
Whom God approves of! All of you
                                               of the people within, has caused a
 have sinned, and fall short of the
                                               breach in her armor! The people
  Glory of God, Whom the Lord
                                               became non-believers! They did
  Jesus Christ is! But, that is no

not consider that the wages of sin is             the people, separating that which
death: and, as long as the desires of                should be joined and united.
 the hearts of the people are for sin           Between the husband and the wife,
and evil, death is drawn within her                  is a wedge; and, between the
      borders! The sins of each                     children and their parents, is a
  individual mounted up to a great              wedge. Between the preachers and
abundance of offenses against God.               the Lord their God, is a wedge. A
   Collectively, the nation has sins            people that is divided against itself
  mounting up as a huge mountain,               shall not stand. And, know this for
 extending into outer space. Daily,               sure: the Wrath of God has come
they add sin to sin: and, there is no                upon this land because of the
repentance before the Face of God.             abundance of wickedness, which He
   Their shame is gone from their               is seeing going on before His Face
   hearts. 2nd Timothy 3:6-7, said,              continually! His Anger is poured
   "For of this sort are they, which               out! Pay attention to all of this
creep into houses, and lead captive             Report; and, keep those things that
  silly women laden with sins, led             are reported herein: for the journey,
     away with divers lusts, ever              that is ahead, is too great for you! If
learning, and never able to come to             you are not properly prepared; you
     the knowledge of the truth."              will faint in the way! Remember the
                                                    five foolish virgins, which are
             Proverbs 14:34:
                                                spoken of in Matthew 25.         Thus
"Righteousness exalts a nation: but
                                                   saith Jesus Christ, Who Is The
 sin is a reproach to any people."
                                                            Lord!" Amen!
     Isaiah 1:4: "Ah sinful nation, a
                                                     Blessed are You, O Lord God,
people laden with iniquity, a seed of
                                               The Almighty! Blessed are You, O
     evildoers, children that are
                                               Lord Jesus, our Savior! Teach me to
 corrupters: they have forsaken the
                                                   pray; and, cause me to listen
  LORD, they have provoked the
                                                  attentively to every Word that
Holy One of Israel unto anger, they
                                                comes forth from You! Let every
     are gone away backward."
                                                Word be established! Stand guard
       What defense can you set up             over my lips, and my heart that I sin
   that will cause a Law of God to             not with any words, nor thoughts, I
fail? Sin is the downfall of a nation.           pray You! You are the Mighty
 A wedge is driven into the midst of           God! This is the day that You have

     made: give us gladness, and                      Blessed are You, O Lord
 rejoicing in it, I pray You! Thank           Gabriel, Who comes from the Lord
 You for the gladness, praises, and           with the Reports from God! Give us
rejoicing which You have given to               the Reports! Give us skills; and,
us this morning! Thank You for all            cause us to understand, in the Name
the arrangements, which You have              of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
 given us to make; and, thank You                     I pray You! Amen!
  for setting things in order for us!
                                                    I give You thanks, O Lord, for
 Thank You for the free flowing of
                                                 Your Angels, which You have
 our hearts: for You do clear up all
                                                  given charge over us! Let the
     blockages! You preserve the
                                              Angels which You have assigned to
outgoing, and the incoming! Wash
                                                  oversee the circulation of the
us thoroughly from all secret faults;
                                                 Reports, arise, I pray You! My
and, purge us, O God! Fill us anew
                                               Lord, who is worthy? To whom do
 with Your Righteous Spirit! And,
                                              You want to contact! Let the names
 let rejoicing be continually in our
                                              come unto me; and, let the personal
  hearts! Cause Your Face to shine
                                               contacts be made, I pray You! Let
upon us! Let the Glory of the Lord
                                                 everyone give consideration to
 our God be seen upon us! Let the
                                                 spreading the Word of God to
   Peace of God rule richly in our
                                              others! Strengthen us with the Spirit
   hearts; and, give us this day our
                                                 of Working in the inward man!
         daily bread! Amen!
                                                 Thank You for these prayers of
         Blessed are You, O Lord                faith which You give unto me to
  Michael, the Arch Angel of War,                       ask of You! Amen!
Whom the Lord our God has given
                                               "Returning To A Situation That
to stand up for us against all of our
                                                      You Came Out Of!"
enemies! Arise to the battle, I pray
You; and, cause the heathen to flee!                I remembered Lot, and how he
Let the Peace of God be established           had to return to living in tents, after
in our lives, and in all of our work!           living in Sodom and Gomorrah.
Scatter the powers of the darkness;               Before going into Sodom and
 and, shoot at those that shoot at us         Gomorrah, Lot and his family lived
   in secret! Cause all of their evil            in tents: but, they moved into a
  desires and words to return upon              house in Sodom and Gomorrah.
       their own heads! Amen!                 How well can we return to what we

were once in? Lot had to suddenly               everything when it is time to leave
  return to his former way of life,                this land! We have been in this
because Sodom and Gomorrah was                    house at 1026 Prince Street for 3
        destroyed suddenly.                     months today! I am looking at how
      In a dream that the Lord gave                 these 3's are popping up! This
 me last night, I dreamed that my              house is near a main street: but, it is
wife and I had moved back into the              not actually on a main street as the
 house at 3693 Highland Avenue,                  other house. Both of these houses
which we had lived in for almost 10            have sinking foundations! I ask that
    years. My Lord, what is the                 no anxieties would be found in us:
          meaning of this?                     but, let the Peace of God rule in our
                                                 hearts about everything; and, give
      As I was about to enter into the             us when to be content with such
  house, I was thinking about what                things as we have, I pray You! It
    would be the comments of the               really does not matter where we are
 people, when they saw us returning               located: because, when the Lord
 to a house that we moved out of in             draw the people; they will come to
   the 3rd month of this year! I was            wheresoever we are! We have used
shown to be walking up to the front              main street dwellings before; and
  porch, reaching for the front door              now, we are off the main streets!
handle to go into the house, with the          But, what is this to God? His Power
 thoughts about people seeing us in             is over all things; and, He will lead
that place again! We had lived there             people in finding that which they
  for so long, many people thought               need, even when they don't know
 we owned the house! I look at how                 where to seek! He even causes
  much money we spend on things                 them to start thinking about certain
   over a period of 12 months! We                     things that they would not
 don't know how long we will be in               ordinarily be thinking about! Who
  any place: but, we depend on the               causes the minds of the people to
  Lord to give us what are the best             think about going in a certain way;
 things to do! What is His Will? Do             and, who causes them to see things
 we buy, or do we rent? Some of us             that they were not looking for? The
  will be given to rent, while others              Lord said He would be found of
  will be given to buy! Whether we               those that were not seeking Him!
  rent, or whether we buy: all of us                             Amen!
      must be ready to let go of

          There was also something              an area where people had plotted to
 being shown to me about the house              kill Him. Do you have a job to do?
  that is for sale on East Lucas: but,          Remember how the Lord had given
what it was about is not being given           Ananias to go baptize Paul: but, the
to me to remember at this time! One               reputation of Paul had preceded
 house is on the north side of town;                him! The Lord gave this man
 and, the other house is on the south             comfort, and boldness to do that
     side of town. But, it is in Your           which he was ordered to do. Many
 Understanding, O Lord! What was                  of you are still being affected by
 it that You were showing me about             reports, which you have heard about
  this house? Speak the Words unto                certain people: and, you are not
     me, I pray You! Both of these              doing the job, which the Lord God
houses are out on a main street; and,           has ordained for you to do, because
plenty of traffic passes by them! We             of those reports! Let the people be
  look for ways in which people can            set free of their fears, I pray You, O
    have easy access to us; and, we             Lord: for the Angel of the Lord can
    want to be in places where there             come upon them to give them the
   will not be any fearfulness in the           boldness to do those things, which
 people about coming into that area!             they are too fearful to do on their
  Many areas have bad reports; and,                         own! Amen!
people are made afraid to come into                   "What of The Night, O
these areas because of these reports!                      Watchman?"
 This is how Satan will steer people
       away from areas where the                     My Lord Most Holy, You
   righteous lives! He uses the news             know! Tell me! What have You
   media to broadcast reports about                       seen? Amen!
 what goes on in certain areas; and,              "This Is The Report Of The
  the people are influenced by what                      Watchman!"
   they are hearing! There are some                       (Isaiah 62:6)
 good things found in what is called                Thus saith the Lord, "I have set
 the worse areas: and, there is much               watchmen upon the walls of
    bad found in what is called high             everyone that trust in Me, which
 class areas! Consider how the Lord            shall never hold their peace, day nor
   Jesus did not allow the threats of          night: You that make mention of the
  death to stop Him from going into            Lord, keep not silence; and, give the

 Lord no rest, till He establish, and           were kicked out in the first place:
  till He make you a praise in the            and, they saw to it that they showed
           earth!" Amen!                        appreciation for being allowed to
      Thus saith The Lord, "What                 return. Now, it has happened to
Is The Spirit Trying To Give You                   you! You are in the place that
     That You Are Not Taking                   Israel was in. God has opened the
            Seriously?"                           door for the people to return to
                                                 Him. When you have freedom,
       You shall always answer by               sometimes you don't appreciate it
saying, "My Lord, You know! You                  until you lose it. The things that
make me aware of that which I am                   God gives you are not always
 not taking seriously, I pray You!"               appreciated! Like the house on
               Amen!                               Highland Avenue had become
      These things, which you are              empty again: the Kingdom of God
 not taking seriously, will I make                    is now made available for
       clear to you! Amen!                      inhabitants! What kind of people
"The Preparations of The Heart                      came into the house after we
In Man, Come From The Lord!"                      vacated it? (This is an updated
                                                  writing, taking place on 01-09-
        Thus saith the Lord God,               2002. That house has burned: and,
 "Who among you will give ear to                there is no returning to that place.
 this? Who will listen attentively,           Who saw the house when the Light
  and hear for the time to come?"                dwelt in it? What does it appear
       (Isaiah 42:23) Amen!                          like now? The people who
   "When Something Becomes                    occupied the place were reported to
        Available Again!"                     be drug users and sellers. These are
     Is there an opening? What was            the kind of people who appear to be
 the reason for moving out of that               inhabiting the Kingdom of God.
   place in the first place? I think                 These people who go about
about how the people of Israel were           professing to be Christians are even
put out of the land because of their             as drunkards and drug users. As
transgressions: and then, they were            that house was burned, because of
 allowed to return after a period of             the inhabitants, so will the Lord
 time! But, this time they returned              burn this land because it is filled
  with the knowledge of why they               with evil of all sort. He showed a

condition of a house that was built             is the day that You have made: and,
up with a reputation of being of the                 You are He that I look to for
 Lord! And then, He showed what                   everything that I need! You are a
 happens when foul spirits inhabits             God that never closes down! Cause
         the same house where                      us to see You in all of the Right
Righteousness once stood. You all                 Ways, I pray You! Let us not see
are as that house! If Righteousness               any disadvantages because of the
 shall depart from you; you will be             holiday, which man has established!
taken over by unclean spirits; and,               You redeemed us from all worries
     all that awaits you is a fiery             and fears: and, You have brought us
   destruction. And, thus saith the              forth into Your Glorious Faith! Let
    Lord, concerning those whose                the Faith of God be possessed, even
   minds are returned to darkness,                as it is ordained for us to do! You
"But wild beasts of the desert shall              have said, "Possess the Land; and
 lie there; and their houses (hearts)              work It!" Cause this to be so, O
  shall be full of doleful creatures;                  Lord, I pray You! Amen!
   and owls (night creatures) shall
                                                       We are to possess the "Whole
dwell there, and satyrs shall dance
                                                 Land" that the Lord our God swore
         there." (Isaiah 13:21)
                                                 unto our fathers to give unto us for
     We have sown the Seed; and                  an inheritance forever. The Land is
 now, O Lord, I pray that You will              the Laws and Ways of the Kingdom
   cause the responses! Amen!                       of God; and, it is not a physical
                                                      piece of land as some have
         This day is the day that is
                                                   supposed! Your Kingdom come;
 called Christmas Eve by those who
                                                and, Your Will be done in earth as it
look at these things! Not everybody
                                                          is in Heaven! Amen!
is caught up in the Christmas thing!
  There are some that have been set                       Have you heard the word
free from this foolish spending; and            "Lowdown?" The word means to be
  buying of unnecessary things! Let                   contemptible and base, and
  the Lord be magnified! Let us not              despicable; with the lack of respect
      be found being anxious for                  for, and in a sorry state! The word
anything, I pray You! Give us grace              "valley" as used in Isaiah 28 means
in the sight of all men; and, let there              the same thing! These are the
be nothing that is done that will be a          people whom the Lord sees as being
 discredit to You, O Lord! But, this              in this condition before Him! The

   Lord said, "Woe to the crown of              the doctrines of the world! To
 pride, to the drunkards of Ephraim           understand Ephraim, you would
   which are on the head of the fat           have to go back to consider who
      valleys of them, which are               Ephraim is! Ephraim is a son of
  overcome with wine!" Consider a             Joseph, the son of Jacob! Joseph
 fat valley! This is flourishing with             was married to an Egyptian
  material riches, and abundance of          princess! Joseph is considered as a
      goods! But, these are some             man of the Light, and the Egyptian
"Lowdown" people! A valley is that              is symbolic of that which is in
  which is down low; and, these are              darkness: therefore, the child
  the people whom God refers to as             (Ephraim) is part Light and part
    being of low estate, or of low             darkness! This is what the Lord
   degree! But, they are filled with               refers to as Laodecean, in
  pride as if they are more desirable        Revelation 3. This is that lukewarm
 than other people! The reason they          spirit that is found in many that are
     are referred to as Ephraim, is            called Christians in these days!
because they have some knowledge                              Amen!
  of the Truth; but, it is mixed with
                   Xmeah ShaEla'ReEl: The Lord's Messenger
                                  1912 Hazel St.
                             Beaumont, Texas 77701
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