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Posted by Angella Grey on 07th, October 2011
South Africa (S.A.) is located at the southern tip of Africa it is a country bless with a colourful
combination of landscapes, people, history and culture. In recent years South Africa has become one of
the world’s most popular vacation destinations. After successful hosting the most recent FIFA world
cup games South Africa has developed a reputation as one of the most diverse, and enchanting
countries in the world.
The most recent world cup games define South Africa as a modern vibrant destination for a wide range
of tourism option for just about any traveller.

The country offers a great array of geographical areas ranging from breath taking sub tropical beaches
to imposing mountains range. Home to some of the world’s best beaches makes South Africa a
travellers dream. In each geographical area accommodation is available in all the different classes, from
some of the world’s finest hotels and lodges to affordable holiday homes in historical places like
Johannesburg,Capetown to cosy bed and breakfast in Plattenberg.
South Africa long list of different exotic plant-life and its variety of protected plant species along and
its world renowned and protected wildlife parks such as Kruger Park, Elephant Park and the Kalahari
makes South Africa a “must visit” destination for eco friendly traveller.

Vacation Rentals South Africa
The most popular South Africa Vacation destinations include locations such Cape Town, The Cape
Winelands, The Garden Route and Sun City. Book and visit South Africa (S.A.) today and enjoy some
of South Africas best and highly recommended vacation rentals, hotels, holiday homes and tours such
• The Munday Apartments - Johannesburg, South Africa
• George Lodge International - George, South Africa
• Fish Eagle Nest - Marloth Park, South Africa
• Seagulls Nest - Plettenberg Bay, South Africa • Johannesburg Full day Tour
• Limpopo Province, South Africa

Visit today and experience the very best that South Africa (S.A.) has to offer.

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homes ideas for your South Africa travel.

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