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									First lets start with that of cafe wireless hack
To do dis the network must be connectd to ur system
and pop a page for u to enter ticket ie user name n
the software we need for this is ccproxy which u can download from the
link below
Dis ware is used for network sharing when u dont ve a pass
especially if u ve more than one system wit just one wit
connection and want to connect others thru one wit internet
And if u want to steal other peoples network connections
eg ur dads, mum, cafe boss, friend or even
gsm network of others which u know their ip.
Ccproxy is an exe file that is installable just follow these
few steps===?>>>>>

1. Download/Copy the ccproxy via a flash to a system in the
cafe whose network u want to use its wlan/wireless
(note that to get access to a system in the cafe your have 2
buy time).
2. Make sure you copy it to a place that it will never be
detected and deleted. So i advice you place it in window in C: directory.
3. Open/install it(ccproxy) which is suppose to open within

via Mozilla
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4. Click on option on your left hand side mark start
automatically and auto minimize these may not be the same cos
i'm on phone so i can't say specifically but when you open
option you will get it if you're sharp
5. Unmark local ip beneath in left hand front of a blank box,
an ip will appear in the box write it down cos that ip is
very important next tick the box after the box ie at the
right hand side of the box
Then ok it
6. Click on account and create a password so that other
persons don't access it to change your configuration
or even delete it cos password prevents unauthorized
access to its control panel Then ok it and minimize to
system tray
7. Right click empty space in the system tray and go to
Click on customise or something like that then locate the
ccproxy icon and set it to always hide in order not to get
it exposed then apply and apply and ok
Now you are done with that

of the cafe and its system.
[Pls (note) i advice you to plant it in more than one system
but don't make it suspicious cos if they can't termimate the
process cos of password they may be forced to format their
8. Get your own pc connected as you used to but cannot do
anything except that login page (anytime anywhere not
necessarily in the cafe).
9. Open your browser and enter that ip i asked you to write
down. The port is 808 take note cos this is constant for
ccproxy. Ie eg port 808 for any browser or
anything you want to connect to that cafe thru ccproxy.
I use firefox all i do is just goto
options>internetoptions>.... In address i add that ip
i wrote down and port 808 that is all. any thing u want to
browse the internet just configure it as in 9 above
pls note! that ccproxy is not meant for your system but for
the victims own so dont install own so dont install ccproxy in ur system
expect any miracle to happen o!

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