Marriage Fights at party

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					Marriage Fights at party

One evening, a wedding should be filled with joy suddenly fall apart. Everyone at the party even at
each other and kick-punch-kick until the police came and took everyone in the party to be interrogated.

When in force, all parties claim the origin of the fight is the groom and male escorts. Pak police
questioned them.

Police: "Please tell me what happened!"

Companion: "The problem is actually trivial, sir, I just danced with the bride and had already asked
permission for him (pointing to the groom)."

Groom: "But he's brash, sir."

Companion: "I ask permission to dance with the bride, one song ..., two songs ... and when the third
song she suddenly kicked 'anu his' wife with a bang."

The officer with a grin: "Wahh tuh it would hurt like hell?"

Companion: "Why does the bride baseball but three broken fingers because I kick it!"

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