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Satan to Hell by almasrazaka


									Because the damaged ship hit a storm, a priest and nun stranded on an island not known, their situation
was tidk karu-known, in rags, so that things that previously they had ever seen so visible.
After a long silence, the priest finally broke down and asked,
"Sister, before I apologize, it's about?" asked the pastor, pointing at the genitals of the nuns.
"Oh hell ... this pastor, priest, and should not be forbidden to know." Replied the nurse. Then they are
silent again.
Over time, the nuns did not hold as well and ask questions. "Father, before I apologize, that's what the
hell, pastor?" The nurse asked, pointing at the genitals of the Father.
Oh ..., it's the devil ... Sisters are also not allowed to know about it. The spontaneous sister replied,
"then Satan must go to hell ... dong!"

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