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Last Name Adler First Name Nic Profession Owns and runs The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, CA, and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Sunset Strip Business Association, The Sunset Strip Music Festival and is also on the Board of The West Hollywood Library Fund. Head of filmmaker outreach for Current TV Casting Director For Amhalise Casting Reputation management consultant with Winner & Associates and served as a National Founding CoChair of Generation Obama which, through a national network of 66 chapters and thousands of members throughout the nation, mobilized young professionals to vote for President Obama. The Bazis Family of Artist,Sculptures, & Designers Company The Roxy

Akintunde Anyanwu Ayandele

Mobolaji Onye Bim

The Movement Worldwide Amhalise Casting Winner & Associates

Bazis Beavin Berrent Bonner Boula Brenner Brown Bullaro Carmichael

Tom Mark Sloan Sean Lorrie Lee Saskia Leo Seth

Education Dynamics

Marketing consultant nonprofits and Co-founder and CEO of Bode Media Inc President of Soul Kitchen & Former Rec. Exec Director of Political Programming For MySpace Head of filmmaker outreach and for Current TV. Partners In Sweat Equity Director of Carmichael Gallery, West Hollywood, CA Bode Media Soul Kitchen FastFWD Group Current TV Sweat Equity Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art The Lab 101 Article 19 Films Musician/Attorney Inform Ventures Director's Guild Philadelphia City Paper Councilman Tony Cardenas 215 Magazine Artist

Cerasoli Chaiklin Clark Courrielche Culligan Curci Curry De La Rocha Denenberg Errazuriz

Evan Rebecca Matthew Patrick Duffy Paul Caledonia Mike Meegan Sebastian

Director Of The Cerasoli Gallery Culver City, CA Movie Producer,Director Guitarist for White/Light, film producer/Lawyer by day. Marketing strategist, art community consultant Independent Actress Publisher of Philadelphia City Paper Artist out of California An artist, consultant, and cultural activist residing in Los Angeles, California EVP, Marketing Creating huge public art works for Paris, NY and Rio. His design work has been included in over 40 exhibitions and published by hundreds of magazines. Rudj Escobar is a creative/art director who specializes in advertising and new media. He lived and worked in NY for over 10 years and now lives in Los Angeles. As Vice President at, Levi Felix works with an incredibly talented team to produce media and creative campaigns that build grassroots movements, engaging youth with social change and activism both online and offline-helping activists become more effective. Lawyer Founder of Humanitainment, a new media company that produces socially-relevant entertainment



Muse USA




Fine Fox

Josh Michael

Baron, Fine Humanitainment LLC

Fremont Fukunaga Furman

Casey Cary Rachel

(including an Obama viral campaign that featured Baracky and The Empire Strikes Barack). Director of the Art Production Fund Film director, Sin Nombre Lifestyle Blog "Rachel's Guide" / Nightlife Personality (TV/Print/Online) / Marketing Jane-of-All-Trades / Liquor Brand Strategist & Ambassador Director of Program Development Artist and visual designer,and director Founder Green Galactic Co-Founder The Voice Project, President CrowdSurf, Inc. Musician Author of The Girls Guide to Rocking and a culture and music critic in Chicago. Editor and publisher Artist Owner and Executive Producer Of Frank The Plumber designer: work focuses on giving image, clarity and distinction to collaborative design projects and progressive organizations. Creative growth artists, based in Los Angeles An artist with a history in making collaborative and social sculpture. Recently, I have been growing The Art of Exchange, a series of stencil workshops for children. Silicon Valley strategist, author, journalist, social media bootcamp, trainer, founder of learning hub Creative industry director Producer,Production Mang, and Founder Founder of noted DJ and multimedia An actress/activist who help found a non-profit in Los Angeles, called Equal Opportunity Productions (EqOp) Head of Publicity For Biz 3 Lifestyle + Youth Brand Strategist. Pop culture maven. Ambassador to the 202. Red Bull/Cartier/Coca-Cola expat. CFO/COO of Giant Robot Film Director EVP Marketing Considered the single most influential artist to emerge from the New York City subway art movement Asst. to Morgan Spurlock Geoff Renaud is owner of the emphatically hip marketing firm Radar Entertainment. He produces unique and memorable events for high-profile companies like Nike, Pepsi and Facebook Artist Poet, Author and Host of Divine Forces Radio on Pacifica Co-Founder of Urb Magazine Film director, art show curator and writer who is most responsible as the cornerstone of the Beautiful Losers art movement

Art Production Fund Film Director Rachel's Guide

Goldstein Hardy Hasty Heaney Holmes Hopper Jarrett Johanson Kantrowitz Kemerling

Rachel Jason Lynn Hunter Chris Jessica Marvin Christine Chris Justin

Urban Zen Artist Green Galatic The Voice Project

Writer Paper Magazine

Frank The Plumber Designer

Kimmel Krohn

Karen RJ




Lewis Manne McNeil Mendoza Meyerson NguyenLong Park Pickett PokoraSadowsky Quinones Randolph Renaud

David Liz Mark "Frosty" Paola Dana Victor

Columbia College Duopoly DubLab Actress biz 3 publicity Lifestyle Strategist Giant Robot Film Director Music World Entertainment Artist Warrior Poets Rader Entertainment

Catherine Deloss Liz Lee KiRa Geoff

Roden Rodriguez Roker Rose

Paul Fidel Raymond Leon Aaron

TugBoat Printshop Poet/Author Urb Magazine Wieden/Kennedy

Sakoda Schreibman

Kevin Mike

Musician/Producer Active stock trader who leads a nonprofit dedicated to education reform. Former TV News exec. and serial entrepreneur. Director and partner at Lodger Films, a full service production company based in Los Angeles. Music Management Founder/Publisher:, Music Lover, Entrepreneur, Connector, Web 3.0 Maven, NBA junkie + House-Head Influencer, Impresario of the misfits, change agent, artist conduit, Ambassador of the City of Brotherly Love, founding publisher at Founder and co-pres Cornerstone Promotion and FADER Magazine and Media Founder of RVCA, a clothing design company associated with surf and skateboard culture Actress Executive Director of the Hip Hop Theater Festival, and co-founder of Stress Magazine Director, Deitch Projects NY Event Producer actress/arts activist. She sits on the board of The Creative Coalition and Americans for The Arts (arts and arts education advocacy organizations) and serves on the board of two organizations committed to the use of theater arts for social change: V-day and The People Speak.

The Run Group Sweat Equity

Schroeder Schwartz Shein

Rob Constance Asya

Lodger Films MGMT Company Fusicology



215 Magazine

Stone Tenore Union Valentin Vassell Via Washington

Rob Pat Gabrielle Clyde Nicola Apple Kerry

Fader RVCA Actress Hip-Hop Theater Festival Deith Project

Actress/Arts Activist


Spaceland Presents

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