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									Social Media: Defined
The internet has drastically changed the way people interact with each other. Long before
communication lines were made clearer with mobile buddies such as pagers and cellular phones,
people had to depend greatly on each other's word. Prior agreements were as sacred as they can be,
and there were bigger risks involved in terms of assurance.
However, today's generation of technological and online advancements has given birth to new terms
and new meanings, and one that's circulating frequently as of late is social media.
If you go on a quest to figure out how people perceive social media, you will come across different
responses, from textbook definitions to general terms that relate to it. The word social pertains to that
of relations, and if transformed into the word "socialization," it clearly means interaction, which is an
inborn human trait. Media on the other hand is the platform with which information is transmitted to
receivers or the audience.
To cut to the chase, media is the news, from print to broadcast. However, if combined into "social
media," it allows for sharing of information between parties online, thus there is two-way
communication. If you notice people's online behavior these days when on the internet, you can get a
grasp of how social media has paved a way to make "information machines" out of us. Any trivial
update can in fact, be shared to the public or the users you are connected to through tweets (Twitter),
status updates (Facebook), dashboard posts (Tumblr) and many more to mention.
The interaction starts with the added social media feature that gives the audience the freehand to
comment on posts, share or repost them to accommodate a larger and wider viewership. Apart from
user content, social media sites also depend on its users for the kind of information they post and
how they will position it. This is due to the fact that they have to keep users interested, especially
when it involves online business schemes, so methods are altered to produce content that is relatable
to viewers.
Indeed, communication has been made easier with social media networking. Is it for the better?
Although there are short and long term implications for this "quick fix," it is up to the author (whom
with SM can both be an author and an audience while online) to observe discretion and self control.
While it can be such a broad term, it can be narrowed down to being a medium of communication
using web-based and mobile lines.
What does Social Media mean to you?

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