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Oxygen Bottle Carrier For Use With X-frame Ambulance Cots - Patent 8100307


The present invention generally relates to bottle carriers and in particular, to a device for carrying an oxygen bottle in cooperation with a wheeled patient transport device,such as an x-frame ambulance cot. As is normal during the treatment of an injured patient, it is often necessary to transport a patient in an ambulance cot while the patient is connected to an oxygen bottle. Typically, the oxygen bottle as well as other such life supportdevices, such as a respirator, a defibrillator, etc., is placed in the bed with the patient. Even under to best conditions this is not suitable since lines become tangled, pinched closed, and disconnected. In the event of an emergency situation, it isabsolutely necessary that the emergency personnel and hospital staff have clear and unhindered access to the patient. It is known to provide a clamping device for direct attachment of "D" size oxygen bottle to an emergency cot side rail, or a fastening device for attaching such bottles to the cot behind the back support. Although, "D" size oxygen bottle havebeen suitable for their intended purposes, the "E" size oxygen bottle is gaining in favor among emergency response teams due to the extra storage capacity. However, "E" size oxygen bottles are quite cumbersome. In most situations, "E" size oxygenbottles are placed on the cot bed surface between the patient's legs, when the patient is being moved from the transport vehicle into the operating room. This is a dangerous situation. The worst case is the bottle falling off the cot in such a way thatthe post valve is broken off the bottle turning the cylinder into a missile. Such consequences are catastrophic. A more dangerous situation occurs when the bottle is placed on the bed surface during vehicular transport. Under these circumstances,since unsecured, the bottle may become a missile in a vehicular crash even if the post valve is not broken. Another method of transporting such an oversized bottle include carting an "E"

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