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					U.S. Airport Screening Technologies Market

Within the United States, airport screening technologies fall under the auspices of the Transportation
Security Agency (TSA). This research will review spending forecast for airport screening technologies
according to TSA requests published in the Department of Homeland Security fiscal year 2012 budget
proposal. In addition, competitive and market share analysis within this research is based on
government contract obligations distributed in 2011 as that was the last entire year publicly reported.
Finally, the writer will offer some present and future challenges that affect government funding and
market participant opportunity.

Executive Summary

      The total obligated funds distributed in 2011 towards U.S. airport screening technologies
       amounted to an estimated $xxx.x million.
      Funding of U.S. airport screening systems will progressively decline until FY 2015 as the
       Transportation Security Administration (TSA) completes its allocation of systems to the nation’s
       airports. However, 2016 should see increased funding as aging systems need to be replaced and
       improved technology will outweigh the cost of significant upgrades.
      Services will dominate the U.S. screening technologies market for the next few years as upgrade,
       training, and maintenance requirements are necessary to extend the endurance performance of
       systems already in place.
      Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) is the key technology utilized for airport screening
       processes. Future requirements call for systems that are smaller, versatile (equipment that can
       stand alone or in-line configurations) and can enhance throughput speed.

Report Details:
Published: March 2012
No. of Pages: 58
Price: US$7000

Executive Summary—CEO’s Perspective

      Advances in bottle scanner technology could lift TSA ban on items over 100ml for hand-carried
      TSA continues to post broad area announcements for advanced EDS
      Screening Partnership Program offers a niche opportunity at small airports
      DHS continues to seek development of physiological and behavioral screening technologies
      U.S. deficit will place pressure on TSA and other government agencies to streamline spending
Market Overview—Key Questions This Study Will Answer

       Is the U.S. airport screening market growing, how long will it continue to grow, and at what
       Are the existing competitors structured correctly to meet customer needs?
       Is this an industry or a market? Will these companies/products/services continue to exist or will
        they get acquired by other companies? Will the products/services become features in other
       How will the structure of the market change with time? Is it ripe for acquisitions?
       Are the screening products/services offered today meeting customer needs, or is additional
        development needed?

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Description: Airport screening technologies fall under the auspices of the Transportation Security Agency (TSA). This research will review spending forecast for airport screening technologies