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									 Tips on Landing the Perfect Accounts Assistant Jobs Singapore
More and more expatriates are flocking into Singapore. Singapore is an attractive destination for job
seekers because the economy is growing while those in the Western countries are stagnant, Singapore
has one of the strongest market-based economies in the world and the country has the lowest income
taxes in the developed world. Other reasons why you should consider getting a job in Singapore are
that approximately 44% of inhabitants are non-Singaporeans, meaning you will not feel homesick, the
country has a low cost of living and it has a high standard of living. There are several accounts
assistant jobs Singapore opportunities available.

An account assistant offers administrative support to the accountants in a company. His/her duties
include typing reports, handling phone calls, filing, reconciling finance accounts, maintaining
spreadsheets, checking employee commission payments and controlling credit. Others are working
with purchase and sales ledgers, managing the office, handling journal postings and insurance returns,
preparing statutory accounts, low-level book keeping and dealing with mail. Note that qualifications for
an accounts assistant are usually the same as that of an accountant. This is a good entry level position.
So, how do you increase your chances of landing a job as an accounts assistant in Singapore?

Start by working on your skills if you want a chance at the best accounts assistant jobs Singapore.
You need skills in numeric calculations, managing multiple accounts, prioritising, IT and project
management. You need good communication skills, you must have the ability to properly handle stress,
you need to be a team player and you need to be reliable, trustworthy and discrete.

Work on your academic qualifications. You need ACCA certification (or its equivalent) to qualify. A
Bachelor's degree in an accounts related field will be an added advantage. Compare different job
opportunities to increase your chances of landing one. The best way to do this is through a recruitment
agency, most of which have an online presence. Searching for a Singapore job through a recruitment
agency saves you money since it means you do not need to be in Singapore, it gives you unparalleled
convenience and it protects your privacy.

Have your resume professionally written to increase your chances at the best accounts assistant jobs
Singapore. Prepare adequately for the interview by wearing the correct attire, anticipating questions
and learning how to answer them properly. A recruitment agency will help you with the necessary tips
and tricks.

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