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									                        How to Choose the Best Convertible Car Seat

 As you travel with your newborn bundle of joy, you will probably find the ease and convenience of
the removable infant car seat to be optimal for your child's first few months of life. Then, as your
baby starts getting heavier, the infant seat with the baby will start to hurt your back!
Now is the time for you to research the next stage of safety travel products for your baby,
convertible car seats which can be used rear-facing and then switched around for forward-facing
use when your baby is old enough to travel in that direction.
As you research the available convertible car seats, you will come across a vast array of safety
features, buckles, knobs, and adjustments! What are some of the important features that you
want to look for when you choose the product that is best for your child?
Ease of use: Be sure that the buckles and harness straps are easy to use. Not only will this make
traveling simpler; it is also an important safety aspect, because caregivers are more likely to
position babies correctly into seats whose buckles and straps are user friendly. If every trip in your
car entails lots of pulling and shifting of levers, then it is quite likely that your baby will not always
be optimally secured.
Safety Ratings: All seats on the market in the USA have passed government safety ratings.
Independent companies such as Consumer Reports release their own safety reviews; however
they do not say how they conduct their test, and they only give reports with various circles, not a
numeric chart, which makes it difficult to determine which products performed best in their tests.
Height and weight limit: Most parents do not realize that their children will probably outgrow the
car seat by height rather than by weight. If you have a particularly chunky child, then the weight
limit will be an important consideration, otherwise look for the height of the highest harness slot to
determine how tall your child can be in that seat.
Comfort: Each child is built differently. Broad shouldered children will favor seats that have wider
back support, and kids who like to spread their legs will be more comfortable in a seat that offers a
wider seating area.
Always be sure to keep your receipt and box for the first three months after your purchase, just in
case any unexpected issues arrive. Travel safely with your child!
To learn the pros and cons of popular car seats, read the Britax Boulevard review as well as the
Britax Marathon review. Drive safely with your little bundle of joy!

Baby Convertible Car Seat
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