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									            Writing Cover Letters for Accounts Assistant Jobs
Accountants are required to have passed Certified Public Accountant tests. Account assistants may also
be required to have undergone the same education. The difference is that account assistants have fewer
responsibilities. Consider starting off with accounts assistant jobs since it is very difficult to get a job
as an accountant in a big firm if you have limited experience. You can then work your way up with
time. As an accounts assistant you will do such jobs as reconciling bank accounts, preparing tax
returns, preparing statements and assisting the accountant in his/her duties.

The best way to search for an accounts assistant job is through a recruitment agency. These agencies
list thousands of jobs from around the world, meaning you are more likely to get exactly what you are
looking for. Most of the well-established agencies have an online presence. All you need to do to apply
is log in, do your search and then click on the link to the job/s you are interested in. You will be asked
to upload your CV and cover letter. Most people know how to write good CV’s, but cover letters are a
whole new story. How do you write the perfect cover letter?

Ensure that the cover letter follows international best practice for cover letters. It should include your
name, the date you are writing, phone number and address. Begin the letter by giving a summary of
your work experience and skills. You should, however, not belabour the points you are giving. When
writing a cover letter for accounts assistant jobs, include the accounts assistant skills stipulated in the
advert. You should be positive when indicating why you think you are the perfect fit given the skills

You should indicate when you are free for an interview should the company wish that you avail
yourself. Do not forget a job reference number – this should be just below your opening line. You
should include the name of the recipient, by name whenever possible (such as Dear Mr. X or Dear Mrs.
Y). End the cover letter just like you end a friendly letter with 'Yours Sincerely'. However, if you had
started with 'Dear Sir/Madam', end the letter with ‘Yours faithfully’.

Ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors, the points are well organized and that quality
paper is used (if you are sending and not uploading it). Consider enlisting the services of recruitment
agencies to help you with cover letters for accounts assistant jobs.

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