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					Before I explain more about the registration, I will explain first, what
exactly is paypal? Why should you use paypal?
Paypal is an online account or online payment tool. Paypal allows people
to send each other money to each other. Paypal is also commonly used for
transactions or purchase online worldwide or internationally.
Why should make use paypal?? Because paypal has advantages in ease of
international transactions. This is because Paypal can be used
internationally. usually people use paypal to wrestle in the field of
online business, such as: ebay, amazon, etc., or follow-up program that
paid very much in cyberspace.

Just go ahead,
How to Sign Up Paypal
1. first entry to the site
2. after open please select "sign up"

4. after that you will be brought to a new page, and select please select
the country of Indonesia and Indonesian

5. Here I give an example of using a personal account. select personal
click "Get Started".

6. Fill in the data or information required
7. After all data is loaded please click the "agree and create an
8. You will be prompted to enter a = your credit card data, if you do not
have please click below "Go to My Account"
9.PayPal will send a confirmation to your email. Please check your
incoming email, and click the confirmation link
10. after the click will open a new tab, and please use the password you
use to sign up earlier.
11.selesai ...: D

* Note: Your account has not been verified, but it can be used for small
transactions below $ 100 ..

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