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					                HOW TO PROTECT YOUR SAVING?

Say you buy the same thing every week, that many other people in the
United States to buy from you, most likely, take note of how the price
of ordinary household items and food increases. This is known as
inflation, and while most of us know little about inflation, it can be a
confusing subject, and sometimes what we think we know in fact,
partially or completely inaccurate. Let us look more closely at how
inflation          affects          our           daily             lives.

Actually, there are various types of inflation. Like, we were aware that
the shop is called inflation, but the nature of inflation, which laid the
foundation     for    inflation   is   a     monetary     or     monetary
inflation. Organization responsible for financial inflation in the United
States,          the           Federal          Reserve           System.

At the bank, and many across the country are controlled by their own
source of money, but the system in 1913 with the creation of the
Federal Reserve System.The problem is that the machine, creating a
centralized money has become more difficult to escape from monetary
inflation, and as a result of inflation. Since the establishment of the
Federal Reserve, we see that the dollar fell nearly 100%.

Does this mean that a dollar today will not buy any dollars to buy a
hundred years ago. It is very unfortunate, and inflation continues, we
can be confident that our savings and money in the bank knew, would
be less valuable on the road than it is today. As the money supply
inflation, including print new money or the creation of new electronic
money per unit of existing money to depreciate by each new unit

This leads to higher prices for those who have purchased products
and services every day, such as gas, apples, bananas, and
laptops. Sometimes the level of productivity and innovation in the
economy can beat the inflation rate, and we can see price deflation in
some sectors. This is a wonderful thing that happened in the computer
sector for many years. Now we can buy a powerful computer that is
not only suitable for our table, but in our hands, and do so at prices
continue         to         fall         in       many         cases.

Industrial products as fuel and metals, on the other hand, tend to hold
their value against rising prices. This means that you always have to
take up more dollars for the same amount of gas, or the same amount
of copper conductor. You can use this for your benefit, and in some
cases, when buying gold and silver in the form of savings. If you start
doing this for the year 2001, you will see your money go from $ 4.25
an ounce to $ 30 and go about your gold 1700 $ 235 an ounce to $.

Experienced people to go further than just buying some silver coins,
as inflation protection. If you have experience in painting or collection,
you can use your interests and hobbies as a way to protect their
savings as well. Valuables such as paintings, ancient coins and
certificates of limited-term silver production can be valuable to explore
if       you        have        knowledge        in      the       arena.

If you do not, then a good place to start with a general, although the
quarterly production of silver, which has been used in the United
States until the mid-1960s.You can also look at other options, such as
moving their deposits to other currencies, which are better than United
States dollars (U.S.). Remember that even though inflation is slowly
but surely, it can be sped up, so if you want to make plans to protect
their savings, now is the time to start!

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