submit blog on yahoo by ajisuryoalam


									Actually what is the benefit submit blog to search engines? One of the
benefits is, the blog will be easily indexed by search engines, for the
first time we create a blog, we will be hard to blog indexed by search
engines, even if you've typed the address in the search blog search
And what to be indexed by search engines, here I will explain easily
indexed blogs to search engines, and I explained about the blog submit to
Yahoo (must already know what it is yahoo .. hhe). and because the
sitemap yahoo already terintregrasi with bing, so we all submit blog,
will be indexed at the same time two search engines Yahoo and bing.

A. please go,
   then exit the appearance as shown below, click on the my black circle.
3. after we click, it will exit the page again, select the words "sign in
webmaster tools"
4. If you already have an account on windows live, please go straight
course, if it has not had a windows live account, then select "Sign Up"
5. Fill out the required questions,
6. Once completely filled out, then the registration is complete, we now
automatically be brought into account, then submit your blog to select
the "add site"
7. Once we submit a blog, we are obliged to verify the blog, like the
display below, if I chose option 2 process, click and we look at the code
which will need to copy and paste HTML into your blog, paste and place it
under <head>, when it's in the copy and paste, click on "verify" on the
8. Congratulations you have successfully submit your blog to yahoo / bing

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