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Garmin 696 Overview


									                         GPSMAP 696 Aviation Transportable GPS

 The Garmin GPSMAP 696 is the most significant, full-featured, transportable aviation GPS
accessible. The 696 looks just like a individual pulled a glass cockpit MFD out of a panel and
squashed it into a slender notebook. Precisely like an MFD, the 696 has softkeys that switch
behavior as you alter modes or pages. Moreover, it has a joystick knob that performs many
functions based upon the context.

Terrain is a major and essential attribute of the GPSMAP 696. The unit has a high-resolution
terrain page to show dangers relative to the altitude and a vertical profile of terrain along your way.
The terrain information supply by Jeppesen is built-in, and it contains a terrain database of the
Americas, Atlantic or Pacific. An obstacles data supply for the U. S. or European union is also
integrated. With all this information, the 696 displays a person's flight path making use of
contoured terrain maps. The 696 displays and tracks your present place in relation to surrounding
terrain to offer notifications.

When navigating through unfamiliar airspace, the terrain and obstacles repository is important.
Terrain presentations on the 696 are vibrant and evident. Yellow means caution and it a very great
idea to attain some altitude prior to approaching a yellow spot. Red is dead - this straightforward
principle will keep you from flying into anything significant and solid. If the color shades do not
warn you, then the insistent voice in your headset definitely will. When your 696 says pull up, do it.

Oftentimes, the terrain view appears like a hopeless predicament. You have got red in front of you
and to the appropriate with no any break. Should you bank left? 1st off attempt zooming out your
screen with the joystick. Oops, extra red on the left. Superior to climb and possibly circle until you
can discover a way out.

To aid maintain pilots cognizant of particular airspace activity, around 683 parachute drop zones
are detailed in the Americas navigation information source. You may possibly also tailor-make
your own minimum clearance ranges to be given terrain warnings. The 696 also has a realistic
'view from space' satellite imagery basemap.
1 genuinely beneficial characteristic is the capacity to lay out a flight path and view the surfaces all
along the path, ahead of you ever depart the ground. This one particular planning activity could
maintain you proper out the boxed in circumstance above. Add a handful of legs to the flight path
and take a brief detour about any kind of terrain your airplane is unable to climb more than.

When in the air, Garmin's new Wise Airspace function tends to make it a lot easier than ever to
spot exactly what airspace lies ahead. Wise Airspace instantly highlights airspace close to your
current altitude and de-emphasizes airspace away from the actual altitude, which provides you
elevated situational awareness.
On the ground, the Garmin 696 contains the Protected Taxi database plus complete taxiway
diagrams and place info for additional than 950 U. S. airports. Preloaded on the model, this details
assists you to get around new airports with complete confidence and displays your aircraft's
distinct scenario on the field. And with the AOPA Airport Directory and the Private Airports and
Heliports repository, you will generally know what to anticipate whenever you land at your

Garmin 696

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