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S The present application claims priority from Japanese Patent Application No. 2006-261695, which was filed on Sep. 27, 2006, the disclosure of which is herein incorporated by reference in its entirety.TECHNICAL FIELD One or more aspects of the disclosure relate to a two-dimensional code printing apparatus and method and tangible medium, and more particularly to highlighting data for making a two-dimensional code before a printing process and making thetwo-dimensional code based on the highlighted data to be coded in the two-dimensional code.BACKGROUND Conventionally, barcodes, which are commonly goods codes, are printed on each of various goods. In Japan, especially, JAN (Japan Article Number) is common barcode as a source marking. Also, recently, two-dimensional codes are displayed oninternet screen and printed on magazines and the like. The two-dimensional codes are used when cell phones read URL (Uniform Resource Locator). In Japan, the two-dimensional code is standardized as JIS X 0510 in JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards). Also, the two-dimensional code is standardized as ISO/IEC18004 in ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Here, barcodes, which are commonly goods codes, are printed on each of above various goods, and printed barcodes are read from readers with the use of computers. Herewith, above various goods are managed by the barcode. Here, recently, tomanage recording mediums including CD-ROM, DVD, or the like and books and the like, there are strong demands, which text is printed barcode or two-dimensional barcode in the same printing medium. However, above barcodes are printed by special barcodeprinters, so the user has to print the text, which is visible, by another printer. Accordingly, the visible text with the barcode is printed on another printing medium. Also, printing medium on which both barcode and visible text are printed is made byoffset printing, so it is a problem from the point of view of the cost. In a conventi

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