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									                                 PDF Creator – A must have software

When you see the number of programs on your computer, you wonder if you really need all those ! But
there are few applications that you cannot imagine working in office without. Like PDF Creator that
enables you to create PDF from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and any other windows based
application that allows you to print. It is a good supporter for your business and can easily help you in
spreading your information about your products and services all over the world in a secure way. Let us
discuss its uses and significance-

   E-book Promotion – Have you created an eBook earlier? If not, create it now with the help of PDF
    creator. Include all the content, which you want to include in eBook, in Word doc… insert dictionary
    and copyright as well as author’s profile into it. After that, use PDF creation tool to convert the
    eBook into PDF. If you want to merge some files together to make an eBook, you can easily do that
    with Merge feature available within the software. You can merge any kinds of files, and not just one
    kind of file.

   Secure your private data – Are you worried about safety of your business’s private data? PDF
    Creator can easily save your files. You can convert any of your documents into Word and apply
    encryption or password protection, so that no one could use your document without taking prior
    permission from you. There are permissions such as allow copy, allow print, allow modify etc. with
    the help of which required permission can be granted to different users of the file.

   Website Promotion – All the businesses / firms have their official websites. Businesses try many
    things, like banner advertising, email marketing, article marketing and others, to tempt the visitors
    to click on some element to reach their website. But, some businesses fail to draw desired traffic to
    their website. But now, you can use PDF creation software and convert your website into an eBook
    and send it to the target audiences via email. Each page of the website can be converted into PDF…
    At last, all pages can be merged to make single PDF. Isn’t it a unique idea for website promotion?

   Fast in service – Sometimes, speed is more important than efficiency for the customers. With ‘123
    PDF creator’, you can create PDF files in a speedy manner and deliver it to the customers. Quality is
    ensured by-default with the help of this tool.

With ‘123 PDF creator’, you can convert any file into PDF regardless of what application you are using –
word, excel, or outlook. Thus, make a good choice and use this very product for your document
conversion needs.

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