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					                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                 Jump-starting your home business
                                                            By Janet Ilacqua

  Jump-starting your home business
 by: Janet Ilacqua

For a quick boost to your home business success, consciously generating energy can help. Employ
this technique of energy generation whenever there's a slump in your income. This will get you back on
track and manifesting your natural prosperity once again. Here are some ideas:

Call old customers. Find out if they're ready for the next service or product, or ask if they have a friend
who's ready for what you have to sell extra to help support them At the very least, your objective
perspective can help with brainstorming, that is, coming up with fresh ideas to help your partner
increase his/her income.

Check out online forums for your specialty. To find these, do a keyword search on Goggle. You will be
amazed at the amount of support and unbiased information there is out there on the web. If you can’t
find a forum for your specialty, check out the home business forums. My favorite is Home Based
Business Opportunities at http://www.home-based-business-opportunities.com.

Write articles about your business and submit them to your favorite publications and websites. This will
give you some publicity.

Design and teach classes in your specialty. Community colleges and Parks and Recreation
Departments are always looking for new and unique classes.

Give away your skills or products for free to a worthy charity

Think of other ways that you can market your talents or products. For example, maybe, you can sell
your products on EBay. Maybe, if you have been marketing on a nationwide level, maybe it is time to
look into marketing your services locally.

Check out the business networking clubs in your neighborhood. This includes not only trade
associations, but such organization as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, Leads,
Toastmasters, and son.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

If you are in business with someone else, think of what can you do extra to help support them? At the
very least, your objective perspective can help with brainstorming, that is, coming up with fresh ideas to
help your partner increase his/her income.

A self-employed person can advertise in a favorite publication, talk to their best customer, and spend
time honing their tools and skills.

Take classes to hone your skills. Classes not only offer you the opportunity to brush up on the skills
and to network with others in your field.

Take a few days off and visit somewhere you have never been before. Oftentimes, the stimulation of
visiting new places will stimulate your thinking and you will have new insights into your business.

Don't be surprised if additional income begins to appear, but not from the sources you've put energy
into. This is often how manifestation occurs. The point is that you've put your good energy into your
universe and now it is circulating back to you. It simply returns through the clearest and most available

Janet K. Ilacqua is a freelance writer based in Tracy, California. She specializes in academic writing
and ghostwriting of books and manuals for individuals and small businesses. For more information
about her services, check her website at http://www.writeupondemand.com.

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                      3 of the Most Common Questions about Starting a Home Business
                                                              By Omri Dotan

 Thanks to the Internet more people are considering starting a home business than at any other time in
history. Many people have questions that they feel they need answers to before they get started. Let's
take a look at three of the most common questions that come up about starting a home business.

1. How expensive is it to start a home business? Starting a home business can be relatively
inexpensive compared to a traditional brick and mortar business.

For example there are many business opportunities that a person can start on the Internet for less than
$100. There are other ways to make money on the Internet that person can get started for free.

One example of this is to start a home business as an affiliate marketer. You can join affiliate programs
for free and turn this into a full time home business if you choose to do so.

2. Do I need experience to get started with my own home business? This is a good question and as we
look at the Internet it is amazing how many ordinary people with no experience are now earning six
and seven figure incomes per year.

The Internet now makes it possible for a person with no experience to get all of the experience and
training they need with just the click of a button. Many home business opportunities offer fantastic
training including audio, video, webinars, discussion forums, and even a blog where you can learn
about how to start your own home business.

The best way to get experience is to jump in and do something, and starting a home business on the
Internet gives you that opportunity.

3. How much money can I make? Of course one reason a person wants to start their own home
business is to make money. Whether you want to just make a couple hundred dollars a month, or
create a full time income that allows you to quit your job, you can do so with the business of your own
from home.

Again using the affiliate marketing example we see people that are earning over $1 million a year, and
enjoying their life by not working extremely long weeks to do it. We also see examples of people who
are earning a couple hundred dollars a month which helps them pay their bills every month.

In summary these are 3 of the most common questions about starting a home business. As you can
see anyone can do it, and the money that you earn can end up being very rewarding.

Omri Dotan uncovers everything about Starting a Home Business Online. In his website you can find in
depth info about Proven Home businesses. You can also sign up to his newsletter and get tons of
resources and free e-books=> http://www.omribiz.com

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