Five Ways To Take A Vacation Without Taking A Vacation by toriola1


									                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing, with no worries about anything extra. Vacations are enshrined
    in law. In countries like Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, employers are required to provide
                                              up to 20 days of paid leave.
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                              Five Ways To Take A Vacation Without Taking A Vacation
                                                               By Helaine Iris

  Five Ways To Take A Vacation Without Taking A Vacation
 by: Helaine Iris

Last month Along The Purpose Path was about how to identify and stop the energy drains that leave
you feeling exhausted and out of balance. I outlined how energy is one of your most valuable
resources and invited you to start thinking about how to reserve more energy for yourself.

Now, I’d like to offer a suggestion on how to actually build energy and begin to create energy reserves.

One of my favorite ways to recharge my batteries is to take a vacation. Vacations traditionally are
defined as a period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation especially when there is suspension
of school, or business activities. Vacations are usually, unfortunately associated with travel and a
commitment of time and money, making them not easily achievable without a lot of planning.

All a vacation is really is a break in your routine with the accompanying positive mental shift that helps
you fully absorb and receive the benefits. The key to success is to be as present as possible and
remind yourself to fully soak in what you need whether your vacation is for one hour or three weeks.
Begin by making sure you clear your space and maximize your ability to receive.

How can you receive the energy building benefit from a vacation without actually taking one? Can you
achieve the desired result of rest, pleasure and relaxation within the day-to-day structure of life?

Here are some delicious suggestions:

1. Take a vacation from your thoughts. Your mind is a wonderful, essential part of life. Have you
noticed how it likes to work on overtime? Perpetual thinking, worrying, and planning can be exhausting
and often counter productive. Give yourself permission to take a vacation from thinking. Periodically,
set aside some time to let it all go: perhaps, meditate. Put your thoughts on paper, they’ll be there
when you return to them. An added benefit is, by taking a step back, you’ll gain fresh perspective and
come back even stronger.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

2. Take a day off and plan your favorite activity. If planning a week or two of vacation time is not
realistic, plan a day. Clear your schedule of everything and either plan to do nothing, (if that’s heaven
to you) or plan a day of “I’ve always wanted to…” and do it.

3. Plan a special weekend. Be a tourist in your own town. Try new restaurants, explore neighborhoods,
or attend a cultural event. One of the ruts it’s easy to get into is “same old, same old”. Challenge
yourself to see your world through fresh eyes.

4. Spa night. This is a personal favorite. It was a much-loved activity I shared with my daughter when
she was little. Now that she’s grown and creating her own rituals, it’s a retreat I enjoy as solitary time.
Lock yourself in the bathroom with all your favorite hair and body products and do it up. Light candles,
play your favorite music, soak in the tub until you’re wrinkled. Pamper yourself.

5. Change it up. Here’s where your creativity comes into play. The idea is to make your normal routines
new. For example: sleep in a different room, take a break from TV and read engaging novels, (not
self-help books). Create themes around mealtimes; bring Mexico or Italy into your kitchen. Spend a
rainy Saturday watching old comedies. As Milton Berle said, “Laughter is an instant vacation”.

I’m off now to take a vacation from my own full life. Dinner with my husband in our favorite end
–of-the-week Mexican restaurant, I’ll wear my favorite jeans and imagine we’re in Mexico…It’s all in the

It’s YOUR life…live it completely!

Helaine Iris
© 2004

Helaine Iris is a certified Life Coach, writer and teacher who loves her life. She works with individuals,
and self-employed professionals, who want to thrive in their business while crafting a life that's in
absolute alignment with their highest ideals, deepest values and gracefully masters the complexities of
modern living. For a solution focused, free initial consultation visit her website or email her

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                Where to Look For Vacation Deals
                                                            By Frank Demming

Finding vacation deals may take some digging, but it can be done. There are a number of ways to get
some good vacation deals, and there are a number of places that you can look for the best vacation
deals possible.

Tips to Find the Best Vacation Deals

 If it doesn't really matter where you go, you can look for vacation deals on websites such as Craigslist
and Ebay. It happens quite often - a family reserves and pays for a vacation deal and then something
happens to prevent them from being able to take the trip at that time. When that happens, there is
usually a sizable fee if the reservations are canceled. Some people decide to try to sell the vacation
deals at a smaller loss and are willing to offer a great price on their vacation deals. There are also
auction websites where you can bid on packages and other listing websites where you can contact the
people and buy the vacation deals outright. If you decide to look for good vacation deals in this way,
you will want to make sure the website is reputable and that the person doing the selling has a good
rating and good reviews from other people who have bought things from them. That way you are less
likely to get ripped off.

 Another way to find vacation deals is to call the places you are interested in and ask for a special rate,
added incentives, coupons to use for local attractions, and even a discount for reserving ahead.
Sometimes there are vacation deals available that are not advertised, so asking is one way to find out
if they will give you some good vacation deals.

 Taking your vacation during the off season will give you an even better chance of getting some good
vacation deals. With less tourist traffic, less congestion in the hotels and resorts, and less money
coming in from vacationers, many hotels and resorts offer vacation deals that will end up saving you a
lot of money. The off season means when it is not as busy as the busiest time for tourists. With less
business, offering vacation deals helps the tourist areas keep the money coming in, while at the same
time, people who vacation during that time save money and avoid the crowds of the busy time.

 Another way to find great vacation deals is to ask people you know about the vacations they have
taken, and any special vacation deals they may know about. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to
find the best vacation deals.

 You can also look for coupons that offer some good vacation deals. Just load your internet browser,
type in the destination you want, and the words 'vacation deals' or 'vacation coupons'. You may be
amazed at all the options for great vacation deals that appear for you to look at.

Finding the perfect vacation deals for you and your family will help you have the vacation of a lifetime.

Frank Demming is one of the countries top travel consultants. He has recently written a free report
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