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       Insomnia often results in daytime sleepiness, reduced cognitive performance, and potentially dangerous
   inattentiveness. Often times, insomnia exacerbates the underlying condition by leaving the patient fatigued and
                                          less able to cope and think clearly
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                                               Fantastic Methods To Sleep Like A Baby
                                                                  By Rene Graeber

   There are people who are in drastic need of sleep but just can’t seem to will their bodies to go to
dreamland. They toss and turn until the sheets come off their beds, and they get the bitter realization
that counting sheep doesn’t actually work.

Insomnia doesn’t just mean not being able to sleep a wink. It also means waking up lots of times during
the night, or getting the feeling that you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, or waking up too early in the
morning and not being able to get back to sleep.

Almost half of America’s population suffers from insomnia, and practically everyone has experienced it
at least once in their lifetime. Some suffer this disorder for years. Insomnia is something you have to be
concerned about because it greatly affects your life and those around you.

It makes you cranky and moody, makes you lose your concentration, and in effect makes you lose
friends. It could also weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to illnesses. So if
you’re suffering from sleep deprivation, you’ve got to take steps to cure it ASAP.

You’ve got to diagnose what kind of insomnia you’re suffering from. You don’t need a doctor to do this
for you. You can do it yourself. Insomnia is caused by a lot of factors.

Psychological factors include depression, sadness, or anything that gives you negative feelings. These
may arise from traumatic events that you couldn’t get out of your mind (like embarrassing incidents,
financial problems, or death of a loved one). Stress, anxiety, excitement, and nervousness may
contribute to insomnia.

Physical impediments may also cause insomnia. You have to see your doctor to determine if you’re
suffering from any illness. Heart problems or medication may cause sleeplessness.

The food that you intake may also be a factor contributing to insomnia. Don’t take anything that has
caffeine in it. This includes coffee, chocolate, and tea. Check the food you eat and trash those that
contain caffeine. The same goes with alcohol and nicotine. Like caffeine, these are stimulants that help
to keep your mind awake. Alcohol does help induce sleep, but it doesn’t give you a GOOD night’s
sleep because of certain compounds it contains that keep some organs (like your stomach) active.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

Don’t engage in any exercise too close to bedtime because it increases heart rate, akin to making you
excited, and in effect making you unable to fall asleep.

Make sure that everything is nice and quiet by the time you get to bed. Find a bed that you’re
comfortable sleeping in. Turn out the lights to help you sleep better.

Stop looking at that clock! You will get stressed out if you do, and it could keep you awake even longer.
It would be better if the clock is nowhere near your bed. If you need an alarm clock, turn its face away
from you.

Some people actually find some sounds to be helpful in lulling them to sleep. A droning sound that
goes on and on, like the whirring of the electric fan or the air conditioner, can help filter out irritating
sounds like the noise of horns honking in the night.

Set your room to a temperature that makes you comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Decide on your sleeping schedule and stick with it. Even if you have work and it entails different shifts,
stick to a schedule that you could follow most of the time.

Don’t take too many naps because it reduces the likelihood of you falling asleep right away at night.

Don’t keep on complaining about not being able to sleep. It just makes you stressed out. Relax. Have a
nice warm bath to relax and soothe your body. Try herbal remedies. You could also attend therapy
sessions that help relax your body, like meditation. Sex is another great cure. The main purpose is for
you to relax enough to fall asleep.

These are some tips to get rid of insomnia. You shouldn’t ignore the consequences brought about by
insomnia because it produces stress and negatively affects your health. Try out these methods, and
have pleasant dreams!

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                          Baby Not Sleeping Through the Night - Get Immediate Relief!
                                                               By Aurelia

Up all night with a crying baby? Half-asleep all day, knowing the next night will be more of the same?
Well there's a fantastic new solution to the problem of your baby not sleeping through the night - all you
have to do is apply it.

 It's a worst-case scenario: you're a bleary-eyed new parent with a baby who's up every hour, on the
hour, crying to be held. Sometimes the baby needs food, other times it needs to be held, still other
times no matter what you do your baby not sleeping through the night is keeping you both from
enjoying your days. The previous bad night's sleep leads to jagged, broken sleep patterns during the
day that perpetuate the problem into the following evening.

 The good news is that you're not alone. Desperate and exhausted parents everywhere have
experienced this problem since babies were first being born. The better news is that now, it doesn't
have to be this way. Newly developed methods and techniques have been proven effective at not only
helping put a crying baby to sleep... but in keeping your baby asleep throughout the night. Using these
techniques, you and your baby will enjoy deep, peaceful sleep, night after night, hour after hour,
waking up refreshed and fully awake the next morning. And once you've got your baby on the right
track to these beautiful sleeping habits, he or she will continue to sleep that way for the months and
years to follow.

 If this sounds too good to be true, stop and think of all the friends you have with normally sleeping
babies. The friends who have no issues with their baby not sleeping through the night - the friends who
brag about how good their child sleeps in his or her crib. What are they doing right that you're doing
wrong? Is their baby different than yours, or are their methods different? Perhaps that friend is doing
something right and not even knowing it!

 The first thing you need to realize is that every baby is different. Once you understand this, it's an easy
jump to realize that no one sleep method will work on every child. You'll need to examine your child,
know his or her daily habits, physical limits, eating patterns and many other factors. Once you've
compiled that list and know what sleep category your baby falls into, then and only then will you be
able to apply the proper techniques that will correct the problem of your baby not sleeping through the

 Because no two babies are the same, no two sleep solutions will be the same either. There are
dozens of small corrections you can make to your baby's routine that will allow him or her (and you!) to
enjoy a full, restful night's sleep. The Baby Sleep Solution offers you long-term success through these
methods, while offering you quick and easy techniques you can use in the short term that will help your
baby gain more sleep. And once the determination is made as to what type of sleep pattern your baby
best falls into, the core problem can be dealt with in just five easy steps.

 When all these techniques are applied together, you can kiss the problem of your baby not sleeping
through the night goodbye! Tried and tested in thousands of homes over multiple countries, the Baby
Sleep Solution is 100% guaranteed to work each and every time. You can begin applying the program
in less than an hour, and enjoy the benefits of a good night's sleep by nightfall.

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