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									    How Do I Know If Plastic Surgery Is Right for Me
Plastic surgery can be chosen for reconstructive and cosmetic purposes. Reconstructive
procedures help to correct physical abnormalities; on the other hand cosmetic surgery
enhances the appearance of the face and the body. Advanced procedures are available to
achieve the specific cosmetic goals of patients. Popular plastic surgery treatments are
breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, facelift, microtia ear surgery,
blepharoplasty, and craniofacial surgery. An experienced plastic surgeon can help you
answer the question ‘how do I know if plastic surgery is right for me’.

Factors that Decide whether You Are a Candidate

   •   Health – Individuals planning to undergo plastic surgery should be in good
       health. Being in excellent health condition minimizes the risks and complications
       during plastic surgery. Good health also promotes easy recovery.
   •   Motivations – You must have an idea about why you wish to have cosmetic
       treatments. In general, most people go for cosmetic and plastic surgery to enhance
       overall appearance and self-confidence. Ideally, you should not be driven to
       plastic surgery by some underlying emotional problem.
   •   Those with blood related diseases, heart problems and weakened immunity
       system are not good candidates for plastic surgery. Additionally, if you have any
       past records of severe diseases, then better avoid plastic surgery to reduce the
       risks during surgery.
   •   Use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs inhibit speedy recovery and expected results.
       Hence it is important to stay away from such habits if you wish to proceed with
       plastic surgery.

How to Make Your Cosmetic Treatment Successful

The first step is to find a certified plastic surgeon with adequate experience and
specialization. You can make an online search or ask for advice from family members or
friends who have undergone plastic surgery. Once you have made a choice, check out
the credibility and credentials of the plastic surgeon. You can also view before and after
pictures of previous plastic surgeries to evaluate the quality of work. Gather maximum
information about treatment procedures, duration of surgery, common risks, average
recovery time and the surgeon’s policy on surgical reviews.
To ensure safety and efficiency, make sure that plastic surgery will be done at an
AAAAAF accredited center. You can also ask your surgeon about the cost of the
treatment prior to the surgery. However, the final result of cosmetic surgery largely
depends on how you follow post-surgery instructions and precautions. You should also
have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of the surgery.

These details should help you decide whether plastic surgery is right for you. You can
consult with the plastic surgeon to understand the expected outcome of plastic surgery to
avoid regrets in the future.

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