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									A Closer Look at MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 4 is a tool that a forex investor
like you should be familiar with. It is, without
a doubt, one of the most recognised and
efficient trading applications in the market
today. With its features, this trading platform
can help you make the most of every trading
experience. Thus, it will be easier for you to
generate a bigger income. Let’s take a closer
look at this clever and very useful trading tool.
Although     at     first  glance,    launching
MetaTrader seems to be a bit challenging for
beginners, it is actually easy to use. All the
information you’ll see via this platform is very
clear and divided by windows. Because the
data are organised carefully and efficiently,
controlling all your orders, as well as different
numbers of currency pairs at the same time
can be a piece of cake.
With MetaTrader 4 viewing various data
and indicators is easy. It can be a lot of fun,
too. If you open the Market Watch feature by
pressing Ctrl+M, you’ll be able to see all the
currency pairs available on the server. If you
want to make a particular pair appear in any
of your chart windows, you can simply click
on the screen and drag the mouse. This allows
you to switch from one currency pair to
another without the hassle of opening several
Now let’s go to other features that make
MetaTrader a cut above the rest. This
particular trading platform supports a wide
range of chart types, including bar and candle
charts. It also comes with premium charts
that feature real-time price updates. These
special charts, meanwhile, can display data in
multiple timeframes for each currency pair.
With such charting options, it is much easier
for investors, particularly the beginners, to
analyse factors that affect the foreign
exchange market.
Most investors want trading platforms they
can personalise. If you’re one of them, then
MetaTrader 4 is the perfect match for you.
This trading platform is fully customisable.
You can create your own indicators and other
tools. It supports a programming language
called MQL that allows you to create alerts
and your very own trading robots. These
robots enable you to automate the trading
process. So even if you’re asleep at night, you
can still earn money by programming these
robots to execute your trading strategies.
If you want to enhance your trading skills
minus the financial risk, MetaTrader 4
can provide you with the perfect avenue to
sharpen your skills and knowledge. With
this trading platform, you can practise using
virtual money. You can finally test your
ideas and strategies without having to worry
about losing your investments.

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