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CONTACT: Lou Abbott
         3205 Trillium Place
         Glen Allen, VA 23060
         phone: (804) 501-2840

                      Network Marketer Tells the “Whole Truth and Nothing
                      but The Truth” About MLM or Multi-Level Marketing

March 2006 – Glen Allen, VA. Author Lou Abbott lets the world know the real truth about network
marketing, otherwise known as Multilevel Marketing – “MLM - The Whole Truth” (1-4116-7748-X,
Trade paperback, 86 pp, 8.5 x 11, $39.00).

Lou Abbott gives a thorough, yet concise, special report about the MLM industry. This book offers
helpful insight for those either considering becoming involved, or who are already in the business of,
network marketing. Based on years of experience in the field of networking, the author has compiled
“12 Critical Success Factors” that he feels must be followed in order to be successful in this industry.
These 12 factors act as guiding principles when researching a network marketing company.

This special report shows how reliable, long-term, leveraged, residual income can be achieved. “Real
products or services that people really want, offered at real prices in real markets, are the foundation of
reliable, long-term, leveraged, residual income,” says Abbott.

“At last, someone has written about what to look for when selecting an MLM company. I wish I had
read this book about $20,000 ago,” says Brian Cooper, Network Marketing Veteran. Tom Barrett,
author of the books Dare to Dream and Work to Win, and Success Happens, says, “I have one problem
with this report: It should have been written much sooner! It would have saved innumerable
individuals from investing enormous amounts of energy, time and money in entrepreneurial endeavors
that had little chance of succeeding.” "It's a bit odd and presumptuous of me to say this, but... I'm
proud of you and your Report Lou Abbott. Thanks. I appreciate you!" said John Milton Fogg, who is
the Founder and former Editor-in-Chief of the Upline® Journal, Founder, former Editor-in-Chief of
Network Marketing Lifestyles magazine, and is a former Contributing Editor for SUCCESS magazine.
Fogg is also the author of million copy best seller, The Greatest Networker in the World.

Abbott started his first Network Marketing business in 1995 with a small nutrition company. After
experiencing only a small level of success in that first company, Abbott sponsored into a larger, more
traditional type of MLM Company. He stayed with this company for six years before realizing that it
wasn’t the right vehicle to achieve “reliable, long-term, leveraged, residual income.” In 1999 he
founded which first offered training, support and lead generation sites for MLM
distributors, and eventually offered replicated web sites, including the database-driven Health
Challenge Product Guide and the CTD Communicator – an automated marketing and communications
platform for MLM distributors. In 2000 he founded to provide business
opportunity seeker and MLM leads to distributors throughout the direct selling industry.

For more information about “MLM – The Whole Truth” contact Lou Abbott at (804) 501-2840 or see

         Indianapolis, IN 46260

              “Author N.F. Houck takes readers on an autobiographical
                    journey into the life of Greek god Hermes”

March 2006 - Indianapolis, IN. N.F. Houck takes us on an up close and personal
journey into the life of the Greek god Hermes – “Herald” (1-4116-7169-4, Trade
paperback, 384 pages, 6 x 9, $19.99

“This book was written because in all honesty, I couldn’t help myself,” says author N.F.
Houck. After reading a number of writings on Greek mythology, the story of Hermes fell
into a pattern in the author’s head and wouldn’t go away until written down in the form
of this clever tale. Herald is the story of Greek god Hermes who is the messenger of the
Olympian gods and the son of the infamous Zeus.

This is a rather autobiographical tale as it is told from the god’s own point of view.
Hermes tells the story of his own life and also gives us a glance into the lives of several
other familiar figures in the world of Greek mythology. The author wrote this story in a
way that makes you feel a personal connection with each and every character.

“The story is well paced, with lots of action and the characters are interesting and
relatable-definitely not the kind of stuff I was exposed to in school,” says one reader.
“This is not like most stiff, textbook Greek mythology writings; this is an intriguing tale
that draws you into the minds and the emotions of the characters.” Another reader writes,
“There are many fascinating plots and subplots throughout the book, all from Greek
mythology and presented so that I came to care about these figures that used to seem
stuffy and distant. I don’t think you need to know any Greek mythology to enjoy and
follow this book.”

N. F. Houck is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Journalism, and a lifelong
student of classical mythology. Herald is the first volume of a planned trilogy based on
classical mythology.

For more information about “Herald” contact N.F. Houck at (317) 695-4182 or send an
email to:

CONTACT: Siamak   Akhavan
           547 Corbett Avenue
           San Francisco, CA 94114

“Controversial Novel Leads Readers on Quest to Unravel the Earth’s Lost History”

April 2006 – San Francisco, CA. The search for the “Source” uncovers magnificent
facts about the lost history of the Earth. – “The Universal Sign” (1-4116-6554-6), mass
market perfect bound paperback, 352 pp, 6 x 9, FREE online download (through Lulu),
$12.98 (at cost of printing only through Lulu), $19.98 (Retail). Non-profit book project.

Author Siamak Akhavan has for the past five years dedicated the majority of his time to
combing through many of the world’s ancient and enigmatic monuments, museums,
books, and manuscripts. Akhavan took these findings and compiled them into his first
full-length novel The Universal Sign.

Told from the perspective of a few unexpected characters, The Universal Sign takes
readers on a very informative and amusing quest into the Earth’s ancient history.
Throughout this amusing fact-filled journey, readers will learn about the cataclysm that
ended the last ice age, the Biblical Flood, the survivors’ struggles and myths, and the
events that have since shaped the world. “Every page was transporting me somewhere
else in the ancient world, and exposing me to things I never knew”, says one reader.

The discoveries presented in this novel may cause some to question historical,
mythological and religious beliefs that they have been taught in the past. With the recent
release of the novel The Da Vinci Code, the controversial issue of lost or hidden history
has been discussed quite often in the media and has stirred up the Christian society. Like
The Da Vinci Code, The Universal Sign leaves it up to the readers to decipher between
what is fact and what is fiction. One reader wrote, “I consider his substantive work not
just as a new academic resource, but also a very amusing story that everyone can enjoy.”

For more information about The Universal Sign, or to schedule an interview, contact
Siamak Akhavan at: (415) 378-4771, or see

CONTACT: Genevieve M. Kuepfer
         Greeley, Colorado 80631

                    “Inspirational novel tells of a woman’s struggle
                    to cope with symptoms of PSTD-Rape Trauma”

Author Genevieve M. Kuepfer tells a story of struggle and triumph over sexual assault.
Father, Bless Me, For I Have Not Sinned (978-1-4116-8281-8, Paperback, 409 pp, 6 x 9,

October 9, 2006 – Greeley, CO. Author Genevieve Kuepfer’s life was severely altered
after being sexually assaulted and beaten by a wanted serial rapist. Kuepfer tells of her
ordeal through her central character, Louise “Lou” Baumberg in her debut novel “Father,
Bless Me, For I Have Not Sinned.”

Tragically raped and beaten, Lou survives, but now she must learn to cope with the on
going effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD)-Rape Trauma. Unfortunately,
due to these continuing symptoms, Lou can no longer serve in the U.S. Navy. Despite her
determination to not let this incident discourage her and break her spirit, even the best
efforts of this former U.S. Navy sailor is no match for the impeding symptoms of PSTD-
Rape Trauma. Though Lou finds solace in therapy and the support of her friends and
family, she is still lonely and sinks deeper into depression. This leads her to adopt two
Siberian huskies pups, Misha and the Mojo-Man. With the help of her two new friends,
Lou discovers she can live again.

“I wrote this book with the intent of sharing discoveries I made during my journey into
rape recovery,” says Kuepfer. “These include gaining new insights in to rape, learning
new living skills, but above all to show there is hope after rape. Fear is the springboard
to courage.” The author casts a wide net in the telling of her story by including the stories
of other rape survivors of various ethnicities, sexual gender, and sexual preferences.

Kuepfer, who has a bachelor’s degree in Special Education/Elementary Education and a
master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, has a strong passion for working with
people with PSTD-Rape Trauma. She plans to continue this work upon the completion
of her second novel, “Father, Have I Sinned?”

For more information about Father, Bless Me, For I Have Not Sinned, or to schedule an
interview, contact Genevieve M. Kuepfer via phone at 970-301-8456, or by email at

CONTACT: David R. Skerry
         145 Cartier Street
         Manchester, NH 03102
         Phone: (603) 647-5583

 Author’s debut book teaches readers how to “Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck”

In his first book David R. Skerry gives readers a step by step guide in home budgeting in
“Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck” (978-1-4116-9118-6, Paperback, 68 pp, 8.5 x 11,

October 13, 2006 – Manchester, NH. David R. Skerry was always good with numbers.
His daily money matters were an issue for him and he had a desire to save more money
and more time. This desire led him to develop a budget system that will help save time
and money. “I was so happy with this system and how it helped me to save money and
time I felt I needed to share my success with the world,” says the author.

Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck is a step by step guide to creating and managing a
successful home budget. The book starts off by suggesting a variety of common budget
categories. Then it gives the readers a break down of the budget process by guiding them
throughout each individual step. In the book the author also provides the readers with
budget sheets for an entire year.

The author has written a guideline that will help anyone who has ever struggled with
financial issues in the home and has ever lived “paycheck to paycheck.” “This book is
written by an everyday person who had everyday money problems,” says the author.

For more information about Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck, or to schedule an
interview, contact David R. Skerry by phone at (603) 647-5583, or by email at

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