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									April 13th, 2012                                                                                           Published by: Matthew Hamel

The 5 Levels Of
Attraction Marketing
                                                                     to interrupt just about anyone with your ads hoping that there
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                                                                     So, lets get to the different levels of attraction marketing and
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                                                                     The 5 levels of Attraction Marketing
The 5 Levels of Attraction                                           Here is a list of the 5 levels of attraction marketing…

Marketing                                                              1. Intravenous (or the “purchase-on-approval” model)
By Matthew J. Hamel on April 13th, 2012
                                                                       2. Points (liability model and chance model)
                                                                       3. Personal Relationships
                                                                       4. Brand Trust
                                                                       5. Situation

Attraction marketing is a lot more than some sort of automated        The Intravenous Level
system that many people believe it to be. It is based on a           This is the highest form of attraction marketing and it’s similar
relationship between one business to another or a business           to being in the hospital and having a needle in your arm and
to a consumer. To help understand the depths of attraction           a bag of medicine dripping into your bloodstream. With this
marketing and how it can affect your bottom line, I have put         model, a doctor can pretty much prescribe and inject anything
together a list of 5 different levels of attraction marketing and    he wants into your veins al long as it is relevant and beneficial
will show you where your prospective customers and clients sit       for your overall recovery. Not only can the doctor select and
on the scale and how to move them up the scale as comfortably        administer the drug, but you are also expected to fully pay for
and easily as possible.                                              it.
But first…                                                           A marketer that has been able to build a relationship up
                                                                     to the intravenous level with their customers in essentially
What is attraction marketing?                                        making the buying decisions on behalf of the customer. Now
To keep this simple and sweet, a basic understanding of              this privilege definitely has massive benefit for the marketer,
attraction marketing is that instead of a business going out and     however, the potential downside can be just as massive if the
“hunting” for their potential clients and customers, they actual     marketer guesses wrong!
position themselves to become the “hunted” by their IDEAL            There is also a much less automatic version of the intravenous
potential clients and customers.                                     level which is know as a purchase on approval. This can bee
And once the roles have been reversed, it is VERY EASY to start      seen in the business model of Columbia House Record Club in
targeting your ideal prospects. For anyone that is a marketer,       that you’re sent a note of what your autoship will look like for
this is huge because the cost of acquiring new customers can         the coming month, but also giving you the option to say “no”
be dramatically reduced simply because advertisements are no         to their selection and thus stopping the shipment.
longer being sent out or played on tv and radio to the general       The Points Level
                                                                     The Points level of attraction marketing can be seen in various
In essence, your advertisements for your business or services
                                                                     forms. Most of us are familiar with “cash back” offers from
are only being shown to people that are currently buying
                                                                     credit cards, but there are also things like punch cards that I
products and services like yours, or they’re currently looking
                                                                     used to get when I would buy a sandwich from Blimpies. (My
for more information to buy the products and services that
                                                                     favorite sandwich shop by the way!!)
you actually sell. It makes a monster difference to the
marketing expense budget when you are positioning yourself           Whenever I would buy a six inch sub, I would get one hole
in front of people that make up your target market vs. trying        punched in my punch card. If I bought a footlong that day, I

Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.                             1
April 13th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: Matthew Hamel

would get 2 holes. And after I had about 6-8 holes, my card          advertising that is pushed by a marketer HOPING that they
would be full and I could come in and redeem it for a free 6         will hook some “stupid” consumer into buying whatever it is
inch sub! This reward system is something that definitely kept       their trying to sell. SPAM is so bad that there is now legislation
me, as a happy customer, coming back every other day of the          in place to keep SPAM ad’s from being seen by any consumer.
week. There’s nothing like getting free food every 2 weeks!!         Thanks for reading my rant on the levels of attraction
Variations of this model can be seen in frequent flyer miles         marketing! If you got any value out of this, please comment
(Point Liability Model) and the increase of chances with ever        and share!
purchase (Point Chance Model) of winning some sort of prize.         —————>>>>Plus, check out these 7 videos on attraction
The Personal Relationship Model                                      marketing for FREE!
The Personal Relationship Model of attraction marketing is           To your success!!
my absolute favorite! I tend to be a people person, and for
                                                                     Matthew J. Hamel
those that are this level may resonate with you more.
At this level, the degree of attraction is based upon the amount     P.S. If Your Upline Doesn’t Have A Step-By-
of value one sees within someone else and the actual problem         Step Blueprint  For Success, Check This
solving capabilities that that person has. Now, many people          Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many
in the “sales” profession try to attempt this model, but often
                                                                     Leads)-Click Here For Instant Access
times they are more likely to try and shove a sale down their
prospects throat rather than build a relationship with them
and find out exactly what their problems are. The only way
this method of attraction marketing can be truly effective is
through dialogue.
The only problem with this level of attraction marketing is that
it isn’t TRULY scalable unless your in some sort of Network
Marketing environment.
 The Brand Trust Level
The Brand Trust Level of attraction marketing seems to
be the “go-to” method of interruption marketing. Many
big corporations still to this day continue to lie on their
brand/ing. This level is a vague, but soft and safe form of
confidence within a product, company or service. This method
of attraction marketing is extremely overrated and virtually
unmeasurable .
Though there are many things wrong with this level of
attraction marketing, it is the most common way that
marketers practice their craft. And just an FYI for you, the
methods of advertising and marketing at this level have
cost millions and billions of dollars, with small returns in
The Situation Level
The Situation Level of attraction marketing can often be
experience when calling a 800 number for customer support,
or entering into a retail store. It often begins with the phrase
“Can I help you?” You can also experience this when you
stop somewhere to ask for directions, looking for the perfect
engagement ring, etc.
This is a pretty powerful level of attraction marketing
in that the consumer is in very close proximity to the
salesperson/marketer and already has money on the table. It
is the consumer that is inquiring of the salespersons advice,
techniques, etc and is actively looking for a solution to their
problem. This makes it very simple for the salesperson to lead
the consumer in the direction that will benefit them both.
And lastly, SPAM!
Spam isn’t really a level of attraction marketing, however
we see it all the time through the bulk mailers, email
scrapers, social media outlets, pop-ups, etc. This is unsolicited
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