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					Advocare International Review | Miller Rhodes's Empower Network Blog                       

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           Advocare International Review
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           by Miller Rhodes | on April 6, 2012

           Advocare International

           AdvoCare International – The Focus is Wellness
           If you are looking for a company that solely focuses on providing you with nothing but wellness
           and an opportunity to enrich your lifestyle, then look no further than AdvoCare International.

                                    By joining Advocare International, you are simply opening the doors to
                                    health and wellness and as already said, to enriching your life in a way
                                    that you choose.
                                    With distinguished experts and professionals from the fields of
                                    medicine formulate professionals, pharmacology, kinesiology, biology
                                    and nutrition researching on AdvoCare International products, there is
                                    no doubt that the product cannot pose any health risks at all.

           Advocare International products are simply produced or rather based on the highest quality
           ingredients and solid science. It is because of this dedication to ensure that you get great
           products that has made them the best of the best in the market. What is even better, the
           company behind Advocare International offers you with an opportunity to establish their
           products as a distributor.

           Their model is unrivaled and has not been seen elsewhere in the market. As a matter of fact, it
           is the leading MLM business at the moment with distributors recording six figure earnings and

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Advocare International Review | Miller Rhodes's Empower Network Blog                      

           Advocare International offers Financial Wellness too
           One good thing about AdvoCare is the fact that you can see their achievements. This means
           that they are credible and once you become a part of the AdvoCare International team, you
           are simply on your way to greatness. It really does not matter where you come from as long as
           you have the zeal to become part of the Advocare International success team, share your
           experience with others and of course benefit from use of their products.

           The Debtbuster system under the Advocare International umbrella provides marketers with a
           simplified method of targeting their creditors and becoming debt free. The system is effective
           that in 2002, it received the Education for Life Award which is an initiative of the Direct Selling

           It does not end there because in 2008, AdvoCare International scooped the prestigious or
           rather enviable DSA innovation award. The award honors the creme de la creme of the
           industry annually so you can guess for yourself the kind of company that AdvoCare
           International is.

           Advocare International uses only High Quality
           Guided by the high ranking AdvoCare Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, AdvoCare offers
           the highest standardized as well as quality ingredients of herbal extracts for nothing but the
           best absorption, nutrition and best of all, consistent results. All Advocare International products
           are often tested for potency and purity before they are allowed to the market for consumption.

           Speaking of testing, the test is not just a normal test but part of the most comprehensive
           banned substances certification program for dietary supplements in the face of the earth. It
           therefore goes without saying that Advocare International products are always formulated with
           the best and the highest regards for efficacy and safety.

           By the way, you can earn money with Advocare International
           Since nutritional and financial well being is one of the main concerns of consumers today, with
           Advocare International you can easily achieve success. Much of the income you can earn
           from AdvoCare can last a lifetime.

           This has been the case for the last 16 years where not thousands but millions of Advocare
           International products have been sold. People have managed to lose weight, have their energy
           levels renewed and achieve physical fitness they may have never achieved on their own.

           If you are still wondering how you can be part of the winning team of AdvoCare International,
           have no worries about it. It is not rocket science and as a matter of fact it is an assured way
           to earn some extra cash. If you wish, it can be your main source of income. There are four
           simple ways to get involved.

           Joining Advocare International is of course the first step. You can choose to be a consumer
           or a distributor. Whichever way, you still stand a chance to benefit from the wide array of
           products that AdvoCare International has to offer.

           You can also choose to become an Advocare International retail customer. This is where you
           simply use AdvoCare products for your own personal gain. It can be for weight loss, beauty or
           just fitness.

           Advocare Levels of Participation:
           Then there is the distributor level which carries a 20% discount. You just need to sign up and
           fill the Advocare International distributor application form. You can then use Advocare products
           regularly and use the discounts offers for your own advantage.

           Advocare International advisor at 40% or the business builder is the last and probably the best

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Advocare International Review | Miller Rhodes's Empower Network Blog                                           

           of the best way to get involved. You can build a business to distribute Advocare International
           products or just about any other way you think can help you distribute the products.

           As an AdvoCare Advisor you can earn as much as $3000 monthly and enjoy attractive
           discounts as a 3 star level distributor of AdvoCare International.

           P.S. Already in AdvoCare International or looking to build a lead funnel for any business ? –
           Then Click Here

           The Final Word on Advocare International

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Advocare International Review | Miller Rhodes's Empower Network Blog                                     

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