Reflective Practice by ert554898


									Reflective Practice
   What are the characteristics of a
      reflective organisation?

• questioning and thinking
• value long term developmental over quick fix
• see evaluation as learning process rather
than report writing exercise
• school/community group, artist and
organisation equal players
              Why reflect?

• Validates experience
• Creates meaning from activity
• Ensure legacy
• Changes people’s perspectives
• Creates a stronger project
         How does Craftspace reflect?

•   Asks questions
•   Creates a learning community
•   Uses documentation as a reflective tool
•   Sets aside time and manage process
•   Makes reflection a contractual requirement
•   Picks out what is important
•   Always has someone to hold the space
What obstacles are there? How can you
          overcome them?

• resistance/fear
• lack of time
• money
    Your task: using photographs as a
              reflective tool

• Look at the photographs
• Make a selection. Either use the questions we
  started with or find your own groupings.
• Arrange them how you would like others to look
  at them.
• Write a post it note/notes to explain why you
  have chosen them.
                Our Questions

• How can families work creatively together
• How can we stimulate parents creativity
• What kinds of environments and objects
  encourage the development of skills in adults
  and children?
• What can a maker contribute to the creative
  development of parents and children?

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