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John Doolan
International Trade Advisor
                       Who are we ?

   UK Trade & Investment is the Government organisation that
    helps UK based companies succeed in international markets and
assist overseas companies to bring high quality investment to the UK’s vibrant

     UK Trade & Investment is the lead Government organisation that
     supports companies in the UK doing business internationally
            and overseas enterprises seeking to locate in the UK
Why Export ?
  –   Sell more – increase turnover – improve profits
  –   Increase volumes – maximise capacity – reduce unit cost
  –   Command higher margins in some markets
  –   Reduce dependence on domestic market – spread risk
  –   Compete in a global marker
  –   Extend product life cycles
  –   Exposure to new management practices, new products and marketing ideas
  –   Exporters are shown to be more adaptable to new technology and best practice
  –   Increased skilled workforce
  Additional Benefit
  –   Higher company profile
  –   PR opportunities
  –   Improve domestic competitiveness
10 Key Steps to Successful Exporting

1.Research Your Market
Does your prospective foreign customer need what you are
selling at the price that will yield you a profit ?
What is the competition and how will they react

2.Implement an Export Strategy and Review your
Ask yourself what would my business gain from exporting

3.Construct an Export Plan
Define how you will enter the foreign market.
Finalise human resources and marketing strategy and allocate an
adequate budget to cover export start up costs
4.Choose Your Sales Presence
Establish whether you need a direct sales operation. Or is an agent
or distributor more effective ?
How will you manage your overseas sales presence ?

5.Promote Your Product
How are you going to market and sell your product ?
Customise marketing to the target country

6.Get the Customs Side Right
Contact HM Revenue & Customs, make sure your reporting
practices are watertight

7.Get Paid on Time
Ensure your cash flow will remain at a safe level.
Guarantee sufficient credit for your future sales.
Take out insurance cover if necessary
8.Choose your Distribution Methods
Consider the implications of selling over long distances and across
national frontiers

9.Transport Goods Effectively
Assess and choose the most effective transport method and make
sure the goods are insured by you or the importer

10.After Sales Policy
Regularly liaise with customers, export agents and banks. Monitor
political unrest or other adverse conditions in the country of
     The benefits are obvious so ...

How can UKTI assist you ?
Areas of Assistance

          Advice & Support

          Information & Opportunities

          Making it Happen
International Trade Advisers

•   Provide free of charge, impartial advice to
    New and Experienced Exporters

•   Help you to access the UKTI’ global network of expertise
•   Provide Market and Sector Knowledge

•   ITA’s are your link to other UKTI services and funded
Overseas Market Introduction Service -

 •   Unique subsidised service to help you enter a new market

 •   Puts you directly in contact with the UKTI overseas network

 •   Provides you with Tailored Research and In-Market Support

 •   Helps you prepare for a successful market visit

                            SAVES you Time & Money !
Overseas Market Introduction Service -

•   Market analysis
•   Feasibility study of your product or service
•   Market sector overview
•   Evaluation of market entry strategies
•   Validated list of contacts
•   Warmed list of contacts
•   Local introductions, with e.g.
    Businesses, trade associations, chambers of commerce, government bodies
•   Programme arranging support
•   List of trade fairs, trade publications
•   Promotion of your business overseas – assistance with press releases
•   Programme arranging support
•   Interpreting
•   Extensive advice & in market support from commercial officer
•   Product launch -network reception at a British Embassy or Consulate
Passport Scheme

Under the Passport scheme you get:

·      An Export Strategy Plan as part of the application process and rolling
forward action plan
·      Attendance to a 1 day Passport Workshop to raise awareness of
international trade
·      Market research from our UKTI colleagues ie included at no extra
cost an equivalent amount of OMIS assistance
·      Package cost upfront £1100 but get equivalent OMIS assistance and
 up to £1000 of additional funding

 The Passport funding is to assist you with your export strategy plans and contributes 50%
                          towards certain activities which includes
      eg overseas travel & accommodation, translation marketing material & training
Export Marketing Research Scheme

   Financial support and advice on export marketing research

   • In house projects – 50% funding per project agreed
   • Consultancy projects – 50% funding per project agreed

   • Pre- published research – 33% funding as agreed
Market Visit Support

 Overseas Business Development Market Visit support as part of an
 organised delegation

     •   Multi-sector focused

     •   Sector focused

     •   Assistance provided before, during and after trip

     •    3 funded visits per eligible company

 Funding varies depending on market (country) visited
Exhibition Support

 Support programme to exhibit at trade fairs overseas.

 • Two funding levels:
     £1000 to £1800 – part of a group organised exhibition
     £1000 - for independent or ‘solo’ exhibitions

 • 8 week application notice

 • Min. exhibition space of 4 sq meters & £1K direct costs
Export Communication Review Scheme

  • Independent consultant evaluates the way you present your
    company’s products and services to overseas customers.

  • Practical recommendations to make your website, promotional
    materials, presentations, trade shows, agents/distributors,
    phone and email communications more effective.

  • Full report highlighting your strengths and weaknesses and
    outlining a ...

      Strategy for your international communications
       Your International Trade Adviser

         Passport Scheme
Overseas Market Introduction Service
          Export Marketing Research Scheme
                 Market Visit Support
                  Exhibition Support
            Export Communication Review

      North East Regional Support Programmes

And don’t forget the UKTI website: www.uktradeinvest.gov.uk
            What Next ?

     International Trade Hotline
            0845 0505054

Speak to an International Trade Adviser
          John Doolan
   International Trade Adviser

Email: John.Doolan@ukti.rito.co.uk
Any Questions ?

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