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									Corporate responsibility
At the Yorkshire, playing an active role in our local
communities is part of day to day life. Our corporate
responsibility programme, “Societies Together”, reflects
the Society’s values which are fun, fairness, passion and
people working together.

Our corporate responsibility vision                        buy specific items means it is very clear to see how the
                                                           money is helping local communities.
Our vision is to have a community programme that
inspires, motivates and engages our members,               In addition to individual donations, there were two main
staff and local communities to get involved in our         campaigns supported by the Foundation in 2010.
community activities.
                                                           Make a Difference Week
Activity in 2010                                           The fourth annual Make a Difference Week (MAD)
2010 was an extremely busy year for our community          which was held in June, encouraged members to
team and this report provides an insight into some of      nominate their own local causes to receive a small
our activities.                                            donation from the Foundation. With the assistance of
                                                           our members we can help more local charities that
As we know that time can be just as valuable as money
                                                           are sometimes overlooked by large organisations and
to charities and community groups, we are just as
                                                           where a small donation will make a real difference to
committed to our volunteering activities as we are to
                                                           their activities. The 2010 Make a Difference Week was
our grant giving schemes.
                                                           the most successful ever, with over 1,300 causes each
We are very proud of the success we have achieved          receiving £100.
through our community efforts during 2010, which is a
result of the dedication and enthusiasm of our staff for   National Christmas Appeal
getting involved and also the support of our members
in identifying causes that are important to them and       The 2010 charity, chosen as a result of member and staff
supporting our fundraising efforts.                        feedback, was Teenage Cancer Trust. For five weeks over
                                                           the Christmas period, staff and members got involved
                                                           in fundraising activities which were matched pound for
Yorkshire Building Society                                 pound by the Foundation, to provide a fantastic donation
Charitable Foundation                                      to the charity of £100,000.
The Foundation supported around 2,000 charities and        Our campaign was supported by actress Angela Griffin
good causes in 2010 through donations totalling over       who, through local newspapers, encouraged people to
£470,000. The Foundation’s focus on providing grants to
support the charity. As in previous years staff were very
creative, with money raised from a variety of activities    The Ravenscliffe Community Association Hamper
from a sponsored head shave to a team dressed up as         Project was supported by staff from our subsidiary
reindeers selling reindeer food.                            company, Accord Mortgages Limited. In December
                                                            two teams of volunteers wrapped, packed and
The donation to Teenage Cancer Trust will enable 400        delivered toys, hats, gloves and selection boxes for
teenagers suffering or recovering from cancer to get        450 children facing hardship in Bradford.
together later this year at Centre Parcs for a weekend of
fun, enjoyment and education about their illness.           Anthony Waddington from Be Involved, who
                                                            co-ordinated the activity through Bradford Chamber
                                                            of Commerce, said “Yorkshire Building Society offers
Pennies into Pounds                                         some of Bradford’s most deprived communities
Small Change, Big DifferenceTM (SCBD) is our unique         their skills, knowledge and manpower through their
scheme where each year members who take part donate         community work, which would otherwise be out of
the pence of their interest to the Foundation. Whilst       reach for the community organisations. The projects
the average donation from each account is less than 50      staff from the Yorkshire support contribute to a long-
pence a year, this scheme provides a large proportion of    term outcome for the community. These activities
the Foundation’s funding. Since 1999 SCBD has collected     are often catalysts for either getting a project off
more than £1.9m. Members can join the scheme either         the ground, helping to attract further funding, or
at their local branch, online at or by    increasing educational attainment”.
calling us on 0845 1200 100.
Why not sign up for Small Change, Big DifferenceTM,
and nominate a charity to receive a donation from the
Charitable Foundation. Log on to or
visit your local branch.

      “Staff Dress Down Days raised over
       £16,500, supporting Sport Relief,
    Jeans for Genes, Everyman Cancer and
               Children in Need”.
Corporate responsibility (continued)
Actionteering – our staff
volunteering programme
Over 1,700 volunteer hours were given by staff to              “Y Care International Emergency Appeal
local communities during the year. These were used              – Haiti Earthquake and Pakistan Flood
on a wide variety of activities including creating                appeals – collected over £40,000”.
outdoor classrooms at primary schools, brightening
up community centres and working with local youth
projects. In addition, a number of staff also got involved
in their communities by being school governors, sports
coaches and student mentors.                                 Environmental
                                                             We all have a responsibility to our environment and we
                                                             are very aware of our individual impact both within the
                                                             business and local communities. Our extensive recycling
                                                             programme allows us to recycle up to 90% of Head Office
                                                             waste and over 80% of our branch premises waste.
                                                             Our commitment to purchase electricity from renewable
                                                             sources continues and has been extended to our
                                                             Chelsea properties. By the consistent monitoring of our
                                                             energy usage we are reducing and eliminating wastage
                                                             wherever possible.

  The Cornerstone Centre in Cheltenham receives
  regular support from Chelsea staff who give up their
  lunch hour to serve in the soup kitchen. The Society
  has also donated computer equipment that is no
  longer required by the Society to this charity.

Chelsea Building Society
Like the Yorkshire, community involvement and support
was a key priority for Chelsea Building Society.
Their 2009 Staff Charity of the Year campaign was
extended until March 2010. Many staff both at head office
and in branches got involved in fundraising activities
and their efforts, together with a donation from Chelsea
Building Society Charitable Foundation, resulted in a
donation of £30,000 to Sue Ryder Care.

Barnsley Building Society
Through the Barnsley’s Saving Saves Lives affinity             Through our support of Bike to Work week we
account, Yorkshire Air Ambulance received a donation           encourage staff to leave their cars at home and
of £129,000 bringing the total donation since 2007 to          cycle to work. One staff member who took up the
over £250,000.                                                 challenge was Rob Savin who gave up his car for the
Paul Gowland, Fundraising Director at the charity said,        whole week and cycled 80 miles each day between
“At Yorkshire Air Ambulance we look at the crucial             the office and home. As well as saving money on his
Golden Hour – if we can take a patient from accident to        travelling costs (and the benefits to his fitness) Rob
medical attention within an hour the chances of recovery       was pleased that he had reduced his impact on the
are dramatically increased. The quarter of a million           environment.
pound raised through the Saving Saves Lives account            To make sure that Rob was “fuelled” for the day our
has covered the cost of over 150 Golden Hours, meaning         Catering team kindly provided free breakfasts for all
Barnsley Building Society savers have helped us extend         those who got on their bikes.
our golden lifeline to more than 150 individuals for which
we are immensely grateful”.
“Societies Together” – the way forward
In the second half of 2010 a review of the community practices of the
Yorkshire, Barnsley and Chelsea was undertaken. The aim was to identify
the best elements of each programme and design a new combined
approach across all areas of the Society based on best practice.
Our new programme “Societies Together” will provide the platform for
our activities moving forward, bringing to life our vision. We expect 2011
to be an exciting year for all our community activities and look forward to
reporting on them in next year’s report.

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