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									                  Simplifying Expressions
In this page we are going to discuss about simplifying expressions concepts. Simplify
means converting complexity into simple and then solving it.

In other words breaking a problem, into simple terms or terminologies can be defined as

Students always find difficulty in simplifying problems but, its actual purpose is to break
down problems into steps and then solving it.

There are different ways of simplifying, and different methods followed by different
tutors for simplifying expressions.

How to Simplify Expressions

Simplify the term itself suggests that it means simplifying things. But when it comes to
math, it is not that simple.
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Simplification is one of the major operation of math and to work out simplify problem is
very difficult without having clear concept.

Simplification in math is applied to different concepts and these are : simplifying radical
expressions, square roots, rational expressions, fractions, exponents, algebraic
expressions, complex fractions, equations and expressions.

Let's discuss the most frequently discussed topics covered in simplification and how to
simplify expressions.

Simplify Radical Expressions

Radical expressions are the combination of both variables and numbers inside a root.
Radical expressions should be broken into pieces in order to get its simplest form.

Simplify square roots

The process of obtaining the 'square root' of a number is termed as 'solving' or'

The number is broken down to its factors to obtain the number which satisfies the
condition of being the square root of the number.

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