Salary Negotiation tips by rhennypuspita


									Salary Negotiation tips

As a jobseeker you really want the job and also want to be paid well which you deserve. At this
situation it becomes difficult for a jobseeker has to convey this to the employer. Since the
company recognizes that you require a certain amount to satisfy your ability and
qualifications. The combination of good self-knowledge and good salary negotiation skills can
take a jobseeker far down the path of finding a job that’s right for you at the salary you

Guidelines for salary negotiation:

1. One of the most basic and overlooked salary negotiation tip is to make sure to let employers make the first
offer; be patient and hold out on discussions until after the job has been securely offered to you. It is preferable
to push off any actual salary talk until after you’ve secured the position. Then it will be easier for you to
negotiate since you come to know that the company wants you on board.

2. Never agree to anything on the spot of the interview, instead you thank the hiring manager for the offer and
ask if you can get time to think over it. In the mean time do some research find out what other companies are
paying for this job then you can propose interviewer to come to an agreement. If you give a negotiate the
number first, then the interviewer false into impression that you are in the same estimated by him, or you are
expecting high what the interviewer was considering.

3. Since the interviewing manager should pay you for your current worth just not what you were being paid by
another company. Do not negotiate until you have an offer in writing, so that you know what you have to work
with in negotiations. Once you have written offer, you can ask to think about it and come back with a counter
offer. Negotiating salary may not be your strength, but if you try you will almost always get more money, and
you will definitely get better each time you try.

4. While negotiating salary show your experience and let the employer see exactly why you fit for the position.
Try to determine how your education and experience level stacks up against others in your position at other
companies, as well as within the company you are dealing with.

5. You can take advice from your friends, but in the end, you have to go to the job every day, and you have to
decide if you are going to like it. So stay focused when dealing with the company, pay attention to clues which
reveal values and qualities which they seek in an employee. This help to determine which of your own qualities
to highlight during negotiations.

6. Important tip in achieving the correct salary negotiation mode is to maintain a positive attitude. Make
negotiations believing that you are worth the salary that you want. Make them buy you for a reasonable market
value. By showing excitement about the position makes the employer to know that the only thing stopping you
from taking the job is the compensation.

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