Method For Controlling An Electric Belt Retractor, And An Electric Belt Retractor - Patent 8091821 by Patents-431


The invention relates to a method for controlling an electric belt retractor. The invention further relates to an electric belt retractor.BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION An electric belt retractor having a belt spool which is coupled to an electric motor and can be driven in the direction of belt retraction and/or belt withdrawal, is part of a vehicle occupant restraint system with which various precautions canbe taken on detection of a critical vehicle situation in order to protect a vehicle occupant from negative consequences in the best possible way. The steps taken may comprise, for example, changing the inclination of a back rest of a vehicle seat,closing vehicle windows, pre-tensioning the safety belt and further measures. All these measures are reversible and repeatable; as soon as the vehicle is in a stable state again, the vehicle is returned into its initial state. As regards the belt retractor, this means that the safety belt, which was wound up by the electric motor on detection of a critical vehicle situation in order to eliminate the so-called belt slack in the safety belt as largely as possible, isreleased again as soon as the vehicle state which was detected as being critical is no longer present. During or after the tensioning process, a vehicle-sensitive blocking of the belt spool can occur, for example with a braking of the vehicle. In a belt retractor with a vehicle-sensitive blocking catch, this means a complete steering in of theblocking catch into blocking teeth such that a rotation of the belt spool is blocked in the belt band withdrawal direction. The blocking teeth are usually undercut and therefore exert a force drawing the blocking catch into the blocking teeth onstressing, so as to be able to reliably transfer the high blocking forces which prevail in an accident between the blocking teeth and the blocking catch. In order to make it possible for the vehicle occupant to subsequently extract belt band again when the vehicle state which w

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