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									Downers Grove Chiropractor Helps Locals Safely Recover From Auto-
Accidents With Massage Therapy

Downers Grove, IL, 12-APR-2012 - Dr. Mike DeCubellis, D. C., has been
recognized for his success in helping members of the community recover
from auto accidents using safe and natural techniques including Downers
Grove massage. The doctor uses a holistic approach when addressing the
pain from injuries that includes addressing the root cause of the issue
as well as the parts of the body that have been affected by the injury or

When interviewed recently, Dr. DeCubellis shared his commitment to
providing the type of care that will give patients the long-term relief
they seek. "I encourage anyone who has been involved in an accident to
visit my office as soon as possible after the event. Many people do not
realize the extent of the injuries they have suffered in an accident for
several hours or days after the occurrence. However, by addressing the
injury before pain, stiffness and swelling occur, we can often avoid the
long period of recuperation that would be required and give the patient
the ability to continue their normal activities while their body heals."

An individual who visits the doctor is provided with a comprehensive
physical examination that includes x-rays. The doctor will discuss the
accident in detail to determine all of the areas of the body that have
been affected by the accident. He will also identify any misalignments,
herniated or compressed discs or other anomalies that may be present as a
result of the incident. The doctor will review the patient's past medical
history as well as any other accidents or injuries that have occurred in
the past that may not have been addressed at the time.

After reviewing all of the information, Dr. DeCubellis develops
individualized programs that address the immediate pain and injury. The
doctor will use hot/cold therapy and massage therapy to reduce
inflammation and swelling as well as to stimulate oxygen and healing to
the tissues and cells that have been damaged. He will also use gentle,
low-force manipulation to realign discs, relieve pressure from pinched
nerves and restore proper circulation through the spine.

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