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So, again a year is finished, the first complete year of Constru Casa in action. And a lot of action as you
could read in our newsletters of last year on the website. During the last months of the year a lot has
changed, especially on the organisational and official side of the project.
Since a few weeks Constru Casa is an official foundation in Guatemala, the ‘Association Constru Casa’
is a fact. The first board meeting has been and the following board composition was agreed on:
President Carolien van Heerde
Vice President Leonel López
Secretary Edgar López
Treasurer Rudy Arrecis
Vocal 1 Christopher Morales
Vocal 2 Manon Derks
Vocal 3 Liesbeth Bijtelaar

All members of the board are closely involved with the organisation, this of course is quite clear for
Carolien and Liesbeth. Leonel López is a Guatemalan engineer with a construction company in
Antigua. We work with him since the start of the project. Edgar López, Leonel his brother, became part
of the Constru Casa team about three months ago and the idea is that he will work with us for a long
time. Rudy is a friend of the project and helps us with contacts and has a financial background.
Christopher designed our website and still helps us with updating it and Manon already works for years
in Guatemala and helps us with contacts and translating work. In total a very enthusiastic board that
will give the foundation a good start this year!

Where are we constructing now?

In the last months we constructed three houses in Alotenango, for families of the project Bendición de
Dios. Next to that we constructed houses in Jocotenango for families of El Buen Samaritano, in Santa
Ana via the hogar comunitario and in San Antonio Aguas Calientes and in Guatemala City for the first
time via the aids clinic. Besides these houses we also constructed three houses in San Miguel Escobar
and San Pedro las Huertas for families of the foundation ‘Common Hope’. With two of the three
houses we had our youngest volunteers ever working. Three kids of 15 years old and two of 12 years
old helped with their teacher for four days on the constructing of the houses. A new experience that
worked out very well. Besides them also Folkert and Lineke helped in the project. Folkert came by
bicycle from Alaska to Mexico and with his trip he raised money for Constru Casa.
And for the first time we had two long term volunteers. Mark en Frank helped us to construct houses,
to improve the design with suggestions from the families and ideas that were born over the last year
and of course their own ideas. They also made very good drawings of the houses and calculated all the
new costs. Besides them we had more people that helped us for shorter time and we would like to thank
all the people that supported us via this way.
Next to the houses built through the Constru Casa program also ten houses are build for the victims of
the hurricane Stan in the last three months.

The year 2006 will be a year of constructing houses, even with a better quality than we already did.
This way we like to wish you a wonderful 2006!!

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