Is There A Current Cure For The Herpes Virus

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      Herpes is spread through contact with sores and can be dangerous to a newborn. If you have sores on your
           nipple or areola, the darker skin around the nipple, you should stop breastfeeding on that breast.
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                             Is there a current cure for the herpes virus, that is effective?
                                                        By Randall James

   According to the US CDC, there is no known
  cure for the herpes virus. There are a lot of herpes products that claim to cure herpes, but there is no
actual proof . There are several prescription drug manufactures that offer anti-viral drugs, but most
have side effects and really just suppress the condition. It appears, at the present time, suppression is
the best option and many products have been proven to work very well. Our research along with other
published reports, show with proper nutrition, rest and diet, herpes can be controlled. Many people who
suffer with this condition, have shown a great reduction and even totally eliminated herpes outbreaks,
by reducing L-Arginine fin their diet and adding a special combination of vitamins, minerals and amino
acids. I interviewed a 30 year old woman from St Louis, that claims to have not had a outbreak for the
past 5 years. Before this, she was having an average of one HSV outbreak per month. I quizzed her
and this is how she came about these amazing results. She had tried several natural herpes
supplements, with no real success. She found a product that offered a 30 day free trial and thought it
couldn't hurt to try. She ordered a product named Viruxo. This product came with a free trial and a
booklet on how to live outbreak free. She first modified her food intake away from foods that contain
high quantities of L-Arginine. She took the Viruxo supplement everyday, with food, and followed the
plan of proper rest and nutrition. She swears that after thirty days she was free from the aggravation of
painful HSV outbreaks. She realizes that this is not a cure and if she stopped taking the Viruxo
supplement, she will probably start up with the same pain and aggravation as before.
Remember a cure for herpes does not exist. If you are going to take a
 herpes treatment, find one that will give you a free trial period, to prove that their product actually
works. It is possible to live a near normal life, while infected with HSV.

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genital herpes treatments. We found these to contain valuable herpes information.

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                                                      Is There a Cure For Herpes?
                                                             By Jonathan Lindell

There is no cure for Herpes. However, there are ways to suppress the Herpes virus so that those
affected by this common disease are able to prevent the recurrence of common symptoms of Herpes
such as sores and warts.

 The first thing you need to understand is that Herpes is a virus. While the Herpes virus is not
life-threatening, it can still produce very painful, very frustrating, symptoms including genital warts and
cold sores.

 Another very important aspect of the Herpes virus is that it can be transmitted regardless if the
infected person is having an outbreak or not. This is because the virus can remain active on any part of
the skin. As a result, it is possible to transmit virus from anything from a kiss to sexual contact including
protected sexual intercourse. However, despite the risks of transmitting the disease, it is possible to
take certain precautions such as avoiding having any physical activity if you are having an outbreak. It
is also advised that you tell your partner that you are infected prior to engaging in any sexual act and
regardless if you are having an outbreak or not.

A Cure

 As modern medicine and technology continues to advance, they may very well be a way to cure or at
least permanently suppress the Herpes virus. Great strides have been made recently using anti-viral
techniques. However, as previously mentioned, there is no current cure for Herpes which is why it is
considered by many to be one of the worst STDs despite the fact that it is non-lethal.

 If you have Herpes, the only way to come close to the feeling of having cured your disease is to
suppress the symptoms of the virus as long as possible. Although, this is going to require a substantial
commitment on your part. For one, you will need to take a long, hard, look at your lifestyle. This is
because unhealthy activities such as smoking or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol will negatively
impact your immune system, which in turn may prevent you from delaying outbreaks.

 Similarly, you will also want to look into improving your diet and engaging in regular exercise. By
choosing healthier lifestyle choices, your body will better be able to fight off the virus. Of course, living
a healthy lifestyle, is often easier said than done, but the benefits of having a strong immune system
will not only help you prevent outbreaks from developing, but will also enable your body to fight off
other diseases as well.

 Finally, many people that are affected by the Herpes Virus have found that taking a daily supplement
that has been specifically formulated to combat and suppress the Herpes virus is beneficial in that it
not only helps boost the immune system, but also that it helps prevent outbreaks from developing.
Some of the ingredients used in popular Herpes supplements include Lysine, and Coenzyme Q10.
This is because these two ingredients in particular have been used for years to help those suffering
from Herpes combat their disease.

 In conclusion, if you can not cure Herpes, you can at least take proven steps to suppress the Herpes
virus including improving your health and using a Herpes Treatment such as taking a daily Herpes

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supplement. Remember that there is nothing to be ashamed about as everyone from children to the
elderly have Herpes.

Jonathan Lindell writes about alternative treatment options such as OTC Herpes products. Jonathan
suggests using Viralprin ( to help suppress the Herpes virus.

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