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Preparing Your Home for Sale -The First Impression


									Preparing Your Home for Sale: The First

By John Tatman, Retired Real Estate Appraiser

Let us try to see your home through the buyer's eyes. You have lived there for years and you see your
home everyday. Is it appealing from the street? Would YOU buy it? Be honest.

In addition to all the common sense preparations such as picking up the toys and cleaning the yard...let's
spend a little money and really make your home inviting.

The lawn: Common sense tells you to keep your lawn mowed and edged, but does it look like a green
desert...with no pizzazz? Let's go shopping and add some. Visit your local nursery and bring your
checkbook. We are after greenery, concrete and other things.

Consider your entryway... Assuming your lawn is not already landscaped; consider putting 2 to 4 18
inch to 24 inch pot plants along the entryway. This will give a welcoming atmosphere. Also, consider an
attractive concrete birdbath "close to the front entry".

The driveway: Plant 2 18 inch to 24 inch shrubs on the entry to your driveway. The Mail Box: Whether
it is located near the entrance or on the curb, if it is not new...replace it. The preferable color is black
with gold trim.

The Entryway/Porch: In addition to removing the cobwebs, consider new paint, preferably a light and
inviting color.

The Front Door: Common sense says paint it...but l'll go a bit further, replace it. This is the most
important decision you will make. A bland looking front door gives the impression that the interior will
also be bland
and set the tone for the home tour. It is human nature.

I suggest a top half, leaded glass door beautifully stained and varnished.

You will be surprised at the difference this will make in the mental tone this will set, even in yourself.

Some of these suggestions may seem a little extreme, but with years of experience in the Real Estate
industry, I have seen these tips work with much success. When you can look at your home and
objectively say...Yes, I would buy it! You are ready to place your For Sale sign in your yard.

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