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									   Beauty Tips For Brides

   Your wedding day is the one time in your life when you want to look amazing. At your upcoming wedding ceremony
   and reception, you will be the center of attention, with all eyes on you as you make your way down the aisle toward
   your groom. Obviously, you want to look your absolute best. Prior to your nuptials, you need to find time to relax,
   while doing something special for you. Here are a few tips that will help you look like a fairytale princess on your
   wedding day.

    Facial Care

    If you have ever given thought to treating yourself to a facial, now would be the ideal opportunity. In fact, if you want
   to spend some quality time with your maid of honor, the two of you could enjoy a trip to the day spa together, a
   perfect way for thanking her for all her hard work and support. In addition to looking great, a facial will help you relax.

    Today, just about every city has a day spa where you can be pampered, even smaller towns. An excellent option is a
   steam facial, which benefits you by releasing toxins and trapped dirt within the skin's pores. Now, one important thing
   to consider is that a steam facial should be done between three and six weeks before the actual wedding day. The
   reason is that as the skin is cleaned, a breakout is possible.

    Foot Care

    In addition to walking down the aisle, chances are you will be standing for long periods of time while going through
   the ceremony and at the wedding reception. Considering that you will be wearing new shoes, standing in front of your
   guests while exchanging wedding vows, and then waiting to greet each guest as he or she walks through the receiving
   line, you want your feet to be comfortable. Then of course, remember the dancing and walking you will be doing at the
   reception as well.

    To pamper your feet, we recommend you start by getting a good pedicure several days before the wedding. By doing
   this, your toenails will look fabulous, which is especially a good idea if you plan to wear open toe shoes. In addition,
   you might want to consider visiting a reflexologist, which is a trained professional that uses a special form of Chinese
   wellness. With reflexology, pressure is applied to various points on the feet, which then benefits different parts of the

    Body Massage

    You definitely want to make time for several massages. A full body massage is a great way to prepare for your
   wedding. Most importantly, you want to work with a qualified masseuse to help relieve stress, while making you feel
   like a brand new person. A massage the day before your wedding will relax both the body and mind, something you
   could do alone or with your maid of honor. As a result, you will arrive at your wedding feeling refreshed and ready to
   face anything ahead of you. In fact, most brides agree that after a body massage, they feel confident and more in
   charge simply from being stress free.

    In summary, it's important to make time for yourself before your wedding ceremony. By following these simple bridal
   beauty tips, you will look and feel your best on the most important day of your life, your wedding day!

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