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Absenteeism is said to be there when an employee fails to come to work when he is
scheduled to work. Excessive absence involves a considerable loss to the enterprise,
because work schedule is disturbed and delayed. Moreover management has to give
overtime wages to meet production targets. On the basis of studies undertaken, in
different parts of the country, certain observations have been made:

   Absenteeism is lowest on pay day and is highest after the pay-day
   Absenteeism is high among workers of less than 25yrs and over 40 yrs.
   %age of absenteeism is higher in management shifts
   As the size of group increases, the rate of absenteeism goes up

Absenteeism rate is the ratio of days lost to the total no. of days for which employee is

AR = No. of mandays lost / Mandays worked + Mandays lost * 100

Causes of absenteeism:

   Maladjustment at workplace
   Unhealthy working conditions
   Social and religious ceremonies
   Industrial fatigue
   Absence or inadequate welfare facilities
   Alcoholism/Gambling
   Inadequate leave facilities
   Absence of housing and transport facilities
   Indebtness

Measures to control absenteeism:

   Proper selection of workers
   Proper orientation
   Better working conditions
   Provision of transport and housing facilities
   Incentive bonus to regular workers
   Disciplinary action
   Employee counselling

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