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3331.Job Satisfaction by ranjitmehma


									                                       JOB SATISFACTION
Job satisfaction is the amount of pleasure or contentment associated with a job.I you like your job
intensly, you will experience high job satisfaction.In the words of Feldman and Arnold, “Job
satisfaction is the amount of overall positive effect or feelings that individuals have towards their jobs”.

Dimensions of Job satisfaction:

The level of job satisfaction is affected by a wide range of variables relating to individual, social,
cultural, organisational and environmental factors as stated below:

1.   Individual factors
2.   Social factors
3.   Cultural factors
4.   Organisational factors
5.   Environmental factors

Determinants of Job Satisfaction:

1.Nature of Job

Job satisfaction is related to the aptitude of the employee. If the employee is given work for which he
has no aptitude, the job will provide no attraction to him.

2.Nature of Supervision

The employee centred supervisory style enhances job satisfaction as the leader looks after surbodinates
carefully, displays friendship, respect, warmth etc. towards them.

3.Working Conditions

Job satisfaction is related to working conditions also. The work will be more attractive if working
conditions are cogenial to the task a worker proposes to accomplish. Good working conditions involve
such facilities as adequate light, comfortable temperature, attractive suuroundings, etc.


Economic rewards play a significant role in influencing job satisfaction. This is because of two reasons,
first, money is an important instrument in fulfillingone's needs and secondly, employees often see pay
as a reflection of management's concern for them.

5.Oppurtunities of Promotion

Promotional oppurtunities affect job satisfaction considerably. The desire for promotion is generally
strong among higher level employees as it involves change in job content, pay, responsibility,
autonomy, status, etc.

6.Nature of work group

It is the work group that fulfills the need for social interaction of the members. If the worker has good
relations with the fellow mwmbers and the supervisor, he will feel satisfied.

7.Employee Morale

If the employee morale in an organisation is higher, satisfaction with the job is likely to be higher and
vice-versa.The workers will be loyal to the organisation if their morale is higher.

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