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After having determined the number and kind of personel required, the HR manager
proceeds with the identification of sources of recruitment and finding suitable candidate
for employment.The process of identification of sources of personnel is known as

Acc. To Edwin B.flippo,'Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for
employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organisation.'A linking activity
that brings together those offering jobs and those seeking jobs.

Sources of recruitment:

1. Internal
2. External
                                  Source of recruitment

              Internal                                         External
              - Transfer                                     - Recruitment at factory gates
              - Promotions                                    - Casual Callers
                                                             - Advertisements
                                                             - Employment agencies
                                                             - Management Consultants
                                                             - Educational Institutions
                                                             - Labour Contractors

Before an organisation actively begins to recruit applicants, it should consider the most
likely source of the type of employee it needs. Some companies try to develop new
sources while most try to tackle the existing source they have. These sources,
accordingly, termed as internal and external.

1.Internal Sources

Internal sources are the most obvious sources. These include personnel already on the
pay-roll of an organisation. Whenever any vacancy occurs, somebody from within the
organisation is upgraded, transferred, promoted or sometimes demoted. This source is
used by many organisations; but surprisingly large number ignore this source, especially
for middle management jobs. In other words, this source is the lode that is rarely mined.
It is not only reasonable but wise to use this source, if the vacancies to be filled are with
in the capacity of the present employees.

Merits of Internal Sources:

1.      Improve Morale: The internal source of recruitment will boost morale of the
     employees. They are assured of higher positions whenever vacancies arise. Existing
     employees are given preferences over the outsiders.

2.       Better Evaluation: The employer is in a better position to evaluate those
     presently employed than outside candidates. This is because the company maintains a
     record of the progress, experience and service of its employees.

3.      Promotes Loyalty: it promotes loyalty among the employees, for it gives them a
     sense of job security and opportunities for advancement.

4.        Motivation Techniques: Internal source can be used to motivate employees.
     Since there is a scope for promotions and higher responsibility jobs, employees will
     try to put in their best efforts.

5.       Stability of Employees: internal source of recruitment ensures stability of
     employees. Since the organisation provides better opportunist to suitable employees,
     they will like to stay with the enterprise.

Demerits of internal sources:
1.Internal sources often leads to inbreeding and discourages new blood from entering into
an organisation.

2.There are possibilities that internal source may dry up it may be difficult to find the
requisite personnel from with in the organisation.

3.Since the learner does not know more than the trainer, no innovations worth the name
can be made. Therefore, on jobs which require original thinking, this practice is not

4.The likes and dislikes and the personal biases of management may also play an
important role in the selection of personnel.

2.External Sources:
Every organisation has to use sources for recruitment to higher positions when existing
employees are not suitable. More persons are needed when expansions are undertaken.
These sources lie outside the organisation. They usually include:
(i) New entrants to the labour force, i.e. Young mostly inexperienced potential
    employees- the college students.
(ii)    The unemployed- with a wide range of skills and abilities.
(iii) Retired experienced persons such as mechanics, machinists, welders, accountants.
(iv)    Other not in the labour force, such as married women and persons from minority

Merits of External Sources:

1.Qualified personnel can be selected.
2.Fresh talent can be introduced in the organisation
3.Competitive Spirit is induced.

Demerits of external sources:

1.Dissatisfaction amongst the existing employees.
2.Lengthy procedure.
3.Costly process.
4.Uncertain response.

Recent trends in recruitment

1.Outsourcing: A company may draw the required persond from outsourcing firms or
agencies on commission basis rather than offereing them direct employment.Several
outsourcing companies have come up which supply human resources of various
categories to their clients.The HR so deputed will report back to the outsourcing agency
after their assignment is over.

2.Poaching or raiding: Poaching means employing a competent and experienced person
already working with another reputed company which might be a rival in the industry.A
company can attract talent from another firm by offering attractive pay package and other
terms and conditions.

3.Website or E-recruitment:
(i) Low cost of recruitment per candidate.
(ii)Reduction in time for recruitment.
(iii)  Recruitment of right kind of people.
(iv)   Efficiency in the process of recruitment.

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