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Problems in your ankles, knees, hip or back may be related to your feet. The health of your feet
has a dramatic impact on the health of your body. Many people do not realize that instability in the
foot can lead to painful skeletal alignment issues. Feet that are not properly aligned cause the
ankles to try and compensate for the misalignment which, in turn, leads to knees trying to
compensate for the now improperly aligned ankles, next the hip and back all become misaligned
as they all try to compensate for the other misaligned joints.

Because the feet are the foundation of the entire skeletal system, even a slight misalignment can
allow the arch to collapse and cause foot pain to spread to the knees, hips, back shoulders and
neck. Strained muscles, spinal distortion and poor posture can follow. Without a firm foundation to
hold your body's infrastructure in place, the sensation of comfort is only temporary.


• Foot and ankle pain

• Knee stress

• Hip joint stress

• Lower back strain

• Spinal distortion

• Neck strain

While cheap generic cushioned insoles that are made with gel or soft foam that may seem
comfortable at first, the lack of firm support will soon become apparent as they fail to adequately
support your feet. Non-supportive and gel-based insoles do not effectively align the body, and can
increase fatigue and foot pain. Firm support under the foot helps improve the way your shoes fit
your feet.

Everybody's feet are different, but everyone can benefit from the support and comfort provided by
Superfeet Premium Insoles. Designed using the proven principles of Podiatric medicine, these
high quality Insoles provide maximum support and shock absorption and feature Agion®
antimicrobial top cover treatment to reduce bacteria and help prevent foot odor. All Superfeet
Premium Insoles have a patented Encapsulating Stabilizer System® [ESS®] to provide ideal
bio-mechanical support, allowing your foot to move easily through its full, healthy range of motion,
lowering the risk of fatigue and injury.
Superfeet Green Premium Insoles help relieve the pain and discomfort caused by an unsupported
foot during everyday activities, sports and work. The Superfeet Green are recommended for
footwear used in running/jogging, walking, hiking, alpine skiing and industrial type footwear. They
are ideal for feet with medium to high arches.

For active people, Superfeet Green provide that little extra to keep you safe and comfortable.
Proper cushioning and support are key to an injury free hiking trip. Whether you are out for the
day, or spending a few weeks backpacking mountainous trails, support and cushioning will help
prevent injuries like rolled ankles, and lessen joint aching. These Insoles deliver under the most
demanding circumstances.

Green means go, and the Superfeet Green Premium Insoles allow you to go all day long with
maximum support. Providing the most stability, shock absorption and support, the Green insoles
help reduce over-pronation while stabilizing the mid-foot. For detailed information about these and
other fine quality Orthotic Arch Support Insoles, visit The Insole Store today!

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