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 What is Grow

Grow Haralson is a project to create and
implement a strategic plan for the future of
Haralson County. It is a very deliberate way to
engage  citizens  in  the  county’s  future  and  build  
consensus for shared goals and priorities.

 How can you
 get involved?

The planning process requires involvement from
both leaders and citizens in Haralson County.
Please visit Grow  Haralson’s  website to complete the
Community Strategic Planning Survey or it is
available in hard copy at the following locations:

~Local Banks         ~Water Authority
~City Halls          ~Chamber of Commerce
~Libraries           ~West Ga Tech. College

Join us for lunch or dinner at one of the Town
Hall Meetings (see schedule on right).
                                                                 Grow Haralson Town Hall Meetings
Visit  “Grow Haralson”  on  Facebook.  
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                                                                April 23                    April 24               April 26
 Where can                                                    City of Waco
                                                             12pm and 6pm
                                                                                       City of Tallapoosa
                                                                                         12pm and 6pm
                                                                                                               City of Buchanan
                                                                                                                12pm and 6pm
 you get more                                                 Waco City Hall         Helton Howland Park      Buchanan City Hall
 information?                                                85 Atlantic Ave.
                                                             Waco, GA 30182
                                                                                        2853 US Hwy 78
                                                                                     Tallapoosa, GA 30176
                                                                                                              4300 GA Hwy 120
                                                                                                             Buchanan, GA 30113

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Additional information can be found by                                 April 30                              April 30
subscribing to the project blog                                     City of Bremen                        City of Bremen or by                                               12pm                                   6pm
contacting Tara Chapman at (770)                                 Bremen Rock Building                  Bremen Senior Center
537-5266.                                                      230 North Georgia Avenue                   425 River Circle
                                                                  Bremen, GA 30110                       Bremen, GA 30110


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