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					                                                  March 13, 2012

                                                                     Texas Gulf Energy, Inc.
                                                                              Stock Symbol: TXGE

                                                                     Corporate Website:
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                 Provides Thousands Of Jobs To Skilled Tradesmen
Texas Gulf Energy, Inc. (TXGE.OB) is an American integrated energy service company based out of Houston,
Texas with offices in the United States and internationally offering energy services, oil & gas production, project
management and professional consulting services. The company provides their own trained, full-service industrial
professionals to mechanical contractors. TXGE has fulfilled a serious demand for highly trained and certified trade
workers and provided thousands of jobs to men in the U.S. and overseas. The Company’s professional workforce is
desperately needed as consultants, project managers, wellhead, electrical and instrumentation services.

      Key focus is high-performance, fast-track general contract trade work for oil
refining facilities, construction, chemical, mining and power industries. Target
markets are Fortune 500 petroleum refining companies and construction project
contractors. Shell, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil and Marathon Oil are among the
clients on TGNRG’s list. Their goals are offering safe, expedited and cost-effective
services that exceeds client’s expectations.

   Texas Gulf Energy has 5 strategic partners providing their services:
International Plant Services (IPS), Texas Gulf International, Inc., Texas Gulf
Professional Services, Texas Gulf Industrial Services and Texas Gulf Oil & Gas.

      IPS ( is the flagship company and the focus is addressing the severe lack of
experienced trade workers and other skilled craftsman in the United States. IPS has offices in the Phillipines (MBC
Human Resources Development) and Tunisa (Industrial Maintenance International). Both MBC and IMI are
contractors that recruit skilled labor and provide technical solutions for oil and gas construction projects on an
international level.

     Texas Gulf Oil & Gas, Inc. focuses on growth and expansion in the energy industry, offering oil and gas
production services. The Company was recently acquired by Texas Gulf Energy, Inc., along with it’s oil interests,
assets and options in the Austin Chalk trend. The Austin Chalk is abundant in oil resources and the Company plans
to commence drilling on 13 wells near Luling, Texas, as well as putting an optimization program into play. The wells
were previously shut-in and have had former success in producing oil.

                 International Plant Services Group Companies: IMI & MBC
Industrial Maintenance International (IMI) Based out of Tunisia; Provides contracted
construction services for industrial worksites for 18 countries. Recruits NCCER certified skilled professionals
(Mechanics, Electricians, Civil and Oil Field Workers). Offers the services of; Environmental health and safety,
technical assistance, labor force recruitment, commissioning, start-up operations, technology training and global
maintenance. Maintains solid reputation for providing competent, skilled workers and successful project completion.

MBC Human Resources Development: Based out of the Phillipines; Agency that recruits professional labor men
from various industries from around the world to fulfill the demand for skilled workers in the oil, construction and
engineering industries. MBC offers experienced and qualified Filipinos with superior knowledge and backgrounds in
their field.
                                                                                           Princeton Research, Inc.     Texas Gulf Energy, Inc.
                                                                                                March 8, 2012              Stock Symbol: TXGE
                                                                                                   Page 2                Website:

                                                                                                   Full-Service Professionals
                                                         Energy Industry Engineering, Construction and Trades Personnel Staffing Services

      CEO: David Mathews                            Contractors: Licensed in 50 States

   1602 Old Underwood Rd                            Craftsman: Electricians, Pipefitters,
     La Porte, TX 77571                             Boilermakers, Ironworkers, Welders,
    Phone: (281) 867-8400
     Fax: (713) 586-6678                            Managers: Oversees workers; Focus on
                                                    Quality Control and Safety codes
                                                    Superintendants: Oversees managers;
       Investor Relations                           Focus on finishing project as instructed and
                                                    according to a time plan
  Princeton Research, Inc.
       3887 Pacific St.                             Training:
    Las Vegas, NV 89102
                                                            Extensive training; courses, exams, continuous education
    Phone: (702) 493-3683
     Fax: (702) 697-8944
                                                            High focus on safety training, testing, precautions and awareness
                                                            Education geared toward quality professionals                                 Meets industry demand for high standard

           Summary                                                         Flagship Company - International Plant Services
Stock Symbol: TXGE.OB                               Founded in 2003, IPS ( has deployed thousands of engineering,
(Formally BOCL)                                     construction, technical, skilled crafts and project management personnel to major international
                                                    energy companies including: Exxon Mobil, Conoco Phillips, Chevron, Valero and others.
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52 Week Range:$0.16-$0.24

Shares Outstanding:                                                                                       Recent News
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Volume (Avg. 3 mo):
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Market Capitalization:                              March 5, 2012 - Well Re-entry Programs At 13 Texas Sites To Commence - See More
$14.4 Million                                       Feb. 21, 2012 - Approved To Provide Energy Services For Far Eastern National Oil
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Sector: Services
                                                    Feb. 9, 2012 - Acquisition of Petrochemical Services Company, Fishbone Solutions, Ltd.
Industry: Specialty                                 Announced - See More
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